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10 Reasons You Need to Go to SOBCon08

By Char

SOBCon08Due to scheduling issues, I was not able to attend THE blogging conference of the year in 2007. What am I talking about? Why, SOBcon, of course! Have you seen the pictures from last year? Everyone I interact with daily in the blogosphere and consider to be leaders in the field was there! Anyhow, I have checked the calendar (May 2-4, 2008) and it looks like I just might be able to sneak out to Chicago this year. I’m not missing this opportunity twice.

10 Reasons YOU Need to Go to SOBCon08

10. Chances are your friends, family and co-workers don’t “get” blogging. Spend a few days connecting with other bloggers of all experience levels. You can talk themes, platforms, monetization, ad networks, spam, comment policies, follow or no-follow, and so on, and the person you are talking to will “get it.”

9. Relax and connect in the lounge before the conference. Unwind from your travels and start networking right away. Don’t be shy – chances are, you already “know” many of the attendees!

8. The entertainment! Friday night’s social will be headlined by the fabulous Christine Kane. Not only is Christine an amazing musician, she is also a well established blogger.

7. Open Comment Night in person. Just about every Tuesday evening, I stop in at Open Comment Night at Liz’s Successful Blog and network, share laughs, ideas and advice – it’s actually my favorite night of the week. At SOBCon08, the Open Comment Night event will be even better – everyone in one room and in person.

6. Share ideas and forge relationships. It is so much easier to develop blogger relationships once you have a face to put with a name or blog. It is also the perfect platform for sharing ideas real-time in what is more than a conference, rather an event! Is there a blogger in your niche you’ve wanted to connect with? How about a blog you just love – get to know the face behind it.

5. Share your expertise. I think one of the most unique things about SOBCon08 is that you are not sitting in one spot “listening to the experts.” This conference is interactive – you have the opportunity to share your expertise in multiple settings – from the casual conversations, to the mastermind panels, to SpeedSpeaking Presentations where attendees will be invited to give “20-slides in five minutes” presentations.

4. Learn time tested techniques for success from some of the most knowledgeable experts in blogging today. Each speaker will present a 20-minute talk with a direct business application – perfect for those of us with short attention spans. Speakers include:

3. Learn how to build a plan for your blog. This conference is Business School for your Blog!! You will leave with an actionable plan for success. Then six-person “mastermind” teams will work together to establish actionable objectives for that part of their business. Mastermind teams are such a great way to not only share everyone’s strengths, but also for developing those resources and relationships you want to take away from the conference and put into action throughout the year.

2. Limited enrollment of 250! No chance of getting lost in the crowd at SOBCon08. The limited enrollment will help to ensure that everyone gets a quality experience. The conference will not be spread out in multiple rooms – you won’t have to decide to take in one session at the expense of missing another one.

Liz & Char1. Meet Liz!! SOBCon08 is the perfect opportunity to meet Liz Strauss – the ultimate relationship geek. I was lucky enough to meet up with Liz last summer, and after spending a good amount of our time talking about SOBCon07, I was convinced that I need to be there this year!

If you have even considered going to SOBCon08 or if you just want to get more information about this amazing event, check out the site. There will be updates on the hotel, the program, speakers and the event in general as we get closer to the date.

Also, check it out because I would like to be able to attend the event for free. Find out how you can attend for free, as well.

Hope to meet you there in May!!

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I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you.

Chris Tackett


Wow! I’m going now for sure!
It will be so cool to see you again!

Wait until you hear what I’ve really cooked up.


Chris – welcome! Thanks for the kind words.

Liz – I really hope to be there – the conference speakers and attendees are so amazing.


How could I pass up stumbling this? :) I hope you do get to go and we can meet up!


Char, you are an amazing SOB! ;) Would be great to meet you there.


SOBCon07 was wonderful; I sure hope I can get in this year, too. Fantastic group of people, great presenters… just a blast. It even inspired me to write a three-part series about what I learned there…

If I make it this time around, I’ll be sure to introduce myself!


Great post. Just linked to you from my blog.


Excellent post, Char – and all good reasons to attend. I just registered for SOBCON and I hope you’re going to be there, too – - it would be fantastic to meet you! I figured since Chicago is only about an hour drive away from here, I had no good reason not to attend! :)


Chris, Easton, Adam, Todd & Lisa – hope to see you there.


I’d love to go to this (clicked it for ya.) just wish they had one in my area. Maybe another year. Love the post, great reasons.


I am going if I have to skip a car payment to get the airfare! I didn’t win the contest, but I am looking forward to meeting all of you and taking my blog/business to the next level and beyond. I will be staying at the CQ, arriving on the 1st to get things together.


Stephen – I didn’t win either, but I have decided I am going – now matter what. My online entities are at a critical stage and the networking and knowledge I expect to get at SOBCon are essential to their success.

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