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13 Beautiful Pink for October Site Designs

By Char

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and in honor of the cause, many sites across the web have gone Pink for October. At last check, 674 sites have registered at the Pink for October site this year – declaring their pinkness. I took some time earlier this week to check out a fair number of them and found 13 in particular that I love.

Five Thirty One goes Pink for October

5ThirtyOne is very pink and created a special WordPress theme for the occasion.

Brian Gardner goes Pink for October

WordPress Theme master, Brian Gardner, is sporting a very sophisticated shade of mauve.

Calla Mae goes Pink for October

I just love the combination of the black and pink on the Calla Mae site (and check out the beautiful bracelet, too)

Casual Keystrokes goes Pink for October

I created a custom header and changed up the CSS at my Casual Keystrokes site to make it really pink.

Conserving Made Chic goes Pink for October

Conserving Made Chic is one of my new favorites for so many reasons!

Design Adaptations goes Pink for October

Charity at Design Adaptations gave me the final push I needed to get my pink site live when I saw that she had released her Pink Adaptations theme.

Geek with Style theme for Pink for October

Geek with Style created this gift-like Pink for October theme.

Kiss My Code theme Pink for October

Kiss My Code’s very creative theme at I’m Blogging That just might be my favorite.

Randa Clay goes Pink for October

Not only did Randa Clay give her own site a beautiful pink makeover, she also release one of her themes in a pink version, Pink Bird.

Scribble Scratch Pink for October Themes

Scribblescratch also contributed two themes – I really like this snappy plaid one.

Standards for Life Business theme

Natalie Jost contributed some beautiful themes and color schemes to help inspire us to go pink. This one is her personal design.

Standards for Life pink stripes

This is another one of Natalie Jost’s Pink for October themes – just gorgeous.

Surrounded by Girls goes Pink for October

How can you resist pink sunglasses? Surrounded by Girls did a great job going pink – something tells me they have had a bit of practice with the pink palette.

If you have a favorite Pink for October design, please take a minute and share it with us. Or let us know which of these designs you happen to love. Thanks to all the designers for taking time to support a great cause by sharing your creativity and voice with all of us.

PS – This is a Thursday Thirteen post.



There sure are a lot of creative people out there!
Happy T13!


Wow, I love the Geek with Style theme. Gorgeous. But for some reason the link goes to a site for Redbank Valley Chorus. (?)


Thanks Charity – I fixed the link.


I love my Pink for October theme (image here)! I didn’t design it, but I got a friend to help me add an additional column to the original 2-column theme =)


Hi, thanks for mentioning my themes. I need to point out though, that it looks as though you’ve implied my site design is a theme available for use (the first thumbnail of mine you’ve shown). This is actually my personal design and is not open to others. The “business” theme is different and it is available along with the second one on my downloads page. Thanks!


Pelf – your pink site is beautiful.

Natalie – thanks for clarifying that. I wasn’t very clear as to which themes are available for download and which ones aren’t.


I especially love Kiss My Code. Awesome designs. Love all the pink!!


Thanks for posting this! I went Pink for October, but I didn’t know there was an actual organized movement of sites :)


How could you not include Chris J Davis’s site!?


David – thanks for letting me know about Chris’ site – I hadn’t seen it before. It looks great.

Jenn – glad you stopped in to find your fellow pinkies.

Heather – Kiss My Code is awesome, isn’t it.


Hmm.. I just tweaked the stylesheet to make the existing template go pink :) ..

But .. it’s not about the design imo .. its about the awareness and the campaign, however there are some *really* nice sites on that list of registered pink sites!


Very nice designs, although I would have a tough time pulling them off on my blog. Especially the pepto pink!


Thanks for the mention and the great comments about Kiss My Code! Much appreciated. *Ãœ* There’s so many great designs out there for this month that being part of your list is a great feeling.



HART – Thanks for sharing your site too.

Michael – Some sites just lend themselves to pepto pink easier than others.

Katy – you are most welcome – I am so glad I found your site and look forward to seeing your other designs over time.


My site is Pink for October. It was fun having a purpose and a sense of community behind my design process.

16 (online electronics retailer) also went fully hot-pink in October. It may also have gone totally red for heart month (February) can’t remember cuz it’s March now – could be my memory playing tricks on me. But you’d think they’d go green for St. Patty’s??


wow, pink colour for a site design is a rare…not much website designer using those colour, btw pink is 1 of my favourite colour!!*cheer*


Some really good designs. Thank you, Your site is fantastic.


They’re all pink!


The Geek with Style theme has moved to

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