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13 Sites For Beautiful Patterns and Backgrounds

By Char

Patterned backgrounds are a very popular finishing touch for many websites. While it seems that diagonal stripes are in this season (especially for Web 2.0 sites), there are so many other options from elegant to whimsy, preppy to proper. The following sites have some really fabulous patterns to choose from:

Squidfingers1. Squidfingers – 158 absolutely stunning background patterns by Travis Beckham.

2. DinPattern – about 50 patterns (and it looks like more will be added) that are beautiful eye candy. There is even a live preview option to test out the backgrounds as you browse.

3. Kaliber10000 – currently there are 927 pixellated patterns on their site, many of which are user submitted.

4. 44Suburbia – 61 very sophisticated patterns

5. Pattern4u – another site jam packed with unique backgrounds and patterns – there are well over 100 different patterns to choose from.

6. Pootato – many of these patterns are more simplistic and can be used in Photoshop and other graphics programs. Looking for some cool Photoshop brushes? Pootato has them too.

7. iStockPhoto – clearly one of the best resources for fresh, new backgrounds of every kind.

8. One Pattern – while their patterns are not free, you purchase them in collections for less than $20 a set.

9. 3Quarks – very subtle paper like backgrounds

CitrusMoon10. CitrusMoon – the CitrusMoon site hasn’t been updated in years, but the backgrounds are free and many of them are still beautiful

11. TartanMaker – want to have fun and design your own tartan plaid background? Tartan Maker is an interactive tartan plaid maker.

12. StripeGenerator – craving the current Web 2.0 trend? Make your own stripes background with Stripe Generator.

13. Background Maker – this was addictively FUN – click on pixels and watch your background come to life before you very eyes

Just a tip – you might want to set aside a nice block of time to browse these sites – there is so much to look at that it becomes a giant time vacuum. Have fun!!

This post is part of Thursday Thirteen. You can find more TT entries at the TT hub.

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I will be checking those out soon.
Happy TT!


I love this post and have put it in my bookmarks.

My 13 is up on

Working at Home Mom


Thanks for the tips.


Char – Great list. We have recently been loving the iStockphoto (#7) offering as of late as well!


Backgrounds are a pain, but finding headers is the worst… tips?


Aaron – glad you like it! iStockphoto is such a great resource for any designer – I always look there first.


I never thought of iStockphoto for backgrounds. Duh. I only think photos when I go there. That is the best tip of all for me. Thanks!


Hi, Char! Thanks for compiling these resource sites. I needed them. :)


Fantastic list! Thanks for publishing it!


Background Maker was lots of fun. I have used StripeGenerator to create a background image on my site. By creating stripes on a daily basis and adding them to their gallery, I was even able to generate a few visitors to my site.


Superb – thanks Char! I spent a couple of hours yesterday, trying to find good sources for tiled backgrounds (to suggest to Britster members once the site goes live). Don’t think I’ll need to search for any more now though! :)


44 Suburbia has closed up shot apparently. That’s too bad because from the look of the graphic on the front page I think her stuff would have been fun to take a look at.

I really enjoyed Din and Squid and make sure to bookmark those Char! Thanks so much! I’ll have to try some of them out to go with that new tutorial that you put up about how to tweak the background on wordpress.


Thanks for this post. Making patterns in Photoshop is great but it takes up a lot of time testing and changing them. You saved me a lot of time!


Wow, many thx for these wonderful links. I really enjoy for their wonderful vectors. They make pattern swatches you can use and modify with happyness in Adobe illustrator, save my time !!


Wow a fantastic lists ever!! you have saved lots of my time, now i can make a anything without need to testing and changing them. thank again


Thanks a lot – you’ve made the whole customisation process so much easier for me. So refreshing to find a site that isn’t just trying to sell me something!


here is #14 :) , there you can create your own patterns


Great list! Though I’m a freelance webdesigner there are some sites that were unknown to me. Thanks for the tips.

Btw you can find a lot of great textures at, too.


Hey this is very useful! thanks :D


ur design patterns are very nice saving my time and also own use without any modification. thank u so much


Thanks for this great post and for all these nice links !
Very useful and i will it check out today.

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