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5 Tips for Working From Home With Kids Plus 4 More Resources

By Char

Working from homeHow many of you work from home? A quick show of hands. Me, I have been working from home for a long time – 10 and a half years to be exact. The one thing that has remained the same over the years has been change – changing diapers, changing schedules, changing attitudes, and so on. The one thing I would not change is the opportunity to do it all over again.

Having just survived (I mean enjoyed) three kids home on Spring Break and the thought of summer vacation being right around the corner, here are a few of my tips for working from home with kids:

1. Get Caller ID – If you haven’t done this already, you should have. This way you can choose to speak to a client now, or later when things are a bit more sane.

2. Divide and Conquer – With a little (okay, alot) of planning, you can still get quality hours in. Are your kids early birds or night owls? Capitalize on that time to get the bulk of your work done. After lunch each day, my kids have to take an hour of Quiet Time – on their beds. They can read, write or sleep. This gives me a chance to get in the office and check email, return phone calls, and regroup.

3. Enlist Some Help – When my kids were younger, I would hire a responsible teenager from the neighborhood to come over a few hours a few times a week and watch the kids while I worked. She would take them outside and play, and I could work. Now that they are older, my friends and I just take turns having all the kids over. It works well for everyone.

4. Communicate – Let your clients know about your new schedule. Chances are, they’ll understand. With good communication, you can effectively manage their expectations and keep them happy. Most everyone is a bit more laid back in the summer.

5. Put the Kids to Work – I have explained to my children since they were very young, why I work from home and the importance of their cooperation. Now that they are getting a bit older, they are ready to help out – even if that means helping with housework so Mom has more time to play later in the day. My almost 11 year old has dabbled in web design a bit and I purchased him a domain name – blogging in on the docket for this summer – it will help him with his writing skills.

I would also like to share a few other posts on the topic of working from home and maintaining the balance:

Do you have any additional tips for working from home successfully? Please share!



Great Post! I’m sure many WAHMs will appreciate your list.


Thanks Laura. Have a great weekend.


Some nice tips there Char, and thanks for linking to my post! Very kind of you.


David – After seeing your post and Tony’s within days of each other, I figured it was time to share some of my tips too. Keep up the great work!


Hi Char.. Nice tips.. I gotta share this one in my blog for H.O.W.


Caller ID – essential, absolutely. Keep calls about business during business hours.

I’ve found it’s vital for me to set rather strict work hours so that my family understands when I’m unavailable – as though I’m out of the house. I also understand the time frame I’ve agree to each day to get work done. Anything that strectches outside of the work day, usually means I’m missing sleep – not family time.

I wouldn’t trade working at home for anything. I love being able to see my kids in the morning and have lunch with them in the afternoon. What a great life.


Dawud – the one thing I have finally learned to do is NOT answer business calls after business hours or better yet, on weekends. I am not as good about the strict business hours thing for the family yet, but I will need to this summer.


Excellent tips, Char! I appreciate you highlighting my post along with the others. They all have some really great stuff.


Good list of tips Char. What I find most difficult is setting boundaries on the work thing. I work every spare minute and stay up way too late some nights. I love what I’m doing, so it’s difficult to stop and go to bed!


Great tips! And then there is my answer – Duct Tape! It keeps them down AND quiet LOL

I do like the idea of putting them to work in a way that lets them feel a part of your business. I’ve worked from home since my boys were 6 and it’s always worked well for me.

The biggest problem I face now is having four teens – two of which have never been a part of a WAHM home. It’s tough teaching the older ones compared to the younger ones.


Excellent info, I liked it.

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