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5 Ways to Boost Your Business Between Christmas and New Year’s

By Char

Christmas mouseRaise your hand if you are actually working today? How about next week – the week between Christmas and New Year’s? How many of your clients will be working? Chances are, many of you are taking some well deserved time off, visiting family, and generally putting your businesses on hold for the next week. Even though things will generally be quieter around your office, there are 5 things you can do to build your business between Christmas and New Year’s.

1. Communicate with Clients

Take a few minutes today or some time next week to send your clients a note. Thank them for their business this year and let them know what your work hours will be over the next few weeks. A little communication can go a LONG way. If your client list isn’t too long and you have the time, give your clients a phone call instead. You just may make someone’s day! If you have a larger list and will be sending out your communication via an e-newsletter, check out these 7 common e-newsletter pitfalls first.

2. Wrap Up Loose Ends

Go back over your to do list. How many little tasks can you clear off that list? Same goes with your inbox. Take advantage of the quieter time to go back through your inbox and act on every message – either respond, file it or delete it. If you are feeling very ambitious, clean out your RSS feed reader and Facebook profile while you are at it.

3. Take a moment to reflect on 2007

Think back to the beginning of 2007. Did you declare your intentions? Did you make a plan? Revisit your plan and see how you did? What went right this year and what didn’t? Note how your path changed along the way due to events you could not predict and those guided by your heart.

By taking some time to review your business in the past year will certainly help you define the path you want to take in the upcoming year.

4. Outline a roadmap for 2008

What are your goals for 2008? Do you have a plan, a destination or a dream? If so, put it down on “paper”.  Whether you are starting a new project or looking at your business in general, Skellie’s 5 Hard Questions You Should Answer before Starting a New Project is a must read. In addition, set guidelines for your work. What makes a project worth investing time in? Only you can decide what is right for you, but having those guidelines in place will help you stay on the right track.

5. Prep your website/blog for the new year

If you have a website or blog, this is a great time to give it a good hard look and get it ready for the new year. You’ll need to:

  • update the copyright information
  • double check your contact information (people need to get in touch with you)
  • check for dead links
  • remove expired affiliate deal links
  • do other general changes

Be sure to take some time for yourself as well. Do something fun, relaxing, or just catch up on sleep. Your business will benefit from it!!

Wishing all my wonderful readers a Merry Christmas (or Happy Holiday of your choice)! Thank you for all the comments, emails, and page views in 2007.

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Thanks for the tip about the copyright, I almost forgot.

If you use RSS Feedfooter WordPress plug-in, this is an easy way to change your copyright year.


Kind of like Spring cleaning…only better.


Jimson – maybe I need to do a post just on changing copyright dates or how to set them up so they update themselves.

Digitalnomad – funny you say that – I almost put that in the post.


man, i’m working all next week even Christmas eve.
I got a few clients who don’t celebrate xmas so bah humbug to them


Thanks for this wonderful article Char. I was just thinking of the things I need to do between now and January 2nd. I appreciate these tips very much. Now for me to get on it!


I tell my clients that I am taking off the week between Boxing Day and New Years Day .. but in reality I’m working my butt off trying to get things out the door by January 1 .. although, half of my clients don’t work during this week either and there are some bottlenecks.

It gets the adrenaline going anyway, and helps me work off the heavy Xmas dinners and leftover


Great write-up Char. ;)

I hope you’re enjoying the festivities, and that all the family are well.

Take care.


Very nicely put.

Combining numbers 1 and 5 to send out a newsletter to RSS subscribers might also be a good idea. They may not necessarily be ‘clients’ so to speak, but they are important to maintaining a healthy readership or your blog or website.


Great tips. I hadn’t thought of doing any of these, thanks.

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