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8 Reasons To Use PSD to WordPress For Your Next Project

By Char

As WordPress continues to gain popularity and more designers realize its potential, services like PSD to WordPress are becoming more popular.

Not all designers have the skills to take a PSD or other graphical design of a site and and code it into a clean, quick loading, multiple browser supported WordPress theme. And sometimes those who do have the capability, just get overloaded with work (raises hand) and it is more efficient to outsource the coding. But that isn’t all, eight more reasons you may want to consider using PSD to WordPress for your next project include:

1. Learning Curve – You know what you want your design to look like but don’t have the time to learn the ins and outs of WordPress coding to get it done.

2. You Want QualityPSD to WordPress has a public front and a proven track record (I like the work they did for Credit Card Matcher). They know WordPress inside out. They have a great team that have years of experience in WordPress that are very well known for releasing quality free themes. And you are not hiring some random programmer who may disappear without notice.

3. You Need Support – PSD to WordPress offers 30 days support to sort out any problems with your theme or any WordPress related issues. Emails are replied to very promptly, even on weekends.

4. What If You Don’t Like It – If there is anything wrong, or you aren’t happy with the product, and PSD to WordPress can’t fix it, they will give you your money back.

5. Simple Ordering – I love the interactive order form on their site. Need your code in a day, then slide the bar to the left – it automatically adjusts the price to factor in the fee for a rush job. Add ons are clearly marked and there are no surprises in the fees. Additionally, there is no need to explain things in great detail, just send the send over the PSD file and they do the rest.

6. Need Transparency – If you are outsourcing a job, you can even request that no additional coder credits are left in the code – making the process totally transparent to your client. Although, if you are like me, I always let clients know up front if I am going to have any part of their project outsourced and why (time, lower cost to them, added value, etc)

7. Quick Turnarounds – I get requests all the time for projects that are needed on a very short time frame. Due to my own work load I cannot always fulfill these requests, however PSD to WordPress has a team of experts working. They can get your theme back to you in a day if needed.

8. Value Pricing – Since you provide the design, and PSD to WordPress does what they do best – code – they can offer their services at a very affordable rate. Their basic package includes the 4 WordPress template files (Blog / Single Post / Category / Single Page).

If you are designer wanting to maximize the power of your design by using the WordPress platform or a freelancer who needs to outsource some of you overflow, you should definitely look into using PSD to WordPress.  They even have a special offer for Essential Keystrokes readers – 10% off your first order – just mention this site in the comments section of the order form.

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Thanks for this recommendation. I have been considering using them, but wanted to hear from others who had before taking the plunge, as I have never outsourced this piece of a project before.


Wow…this is awesome. I didn’t know this was even out there!! This is great!


Brilliant! I’ve seen PSD to XHTML, but never PSD to WordPress. Have you folks seen this done for other CMSes (e.g. Drupal, Joomla, Moodle, etc.) as well?


Hi Char. I haven’t used these guys but thanks for making me aware of them. We’ve used PSD to HTML for all of our sites and love it. It takes away the hassle of CSS hacks and increases our work bandwidth. I’m excited to know this exists and will probably give them a spin in the near future. Thanks!


Aaron – I know people who have used them and are very happy with the quality. I will also be using them for upcoming projects in the future.


GREAT POST! Very informative to the newer members of Web 2.0.


WordPress has to be one of the best CMS applications available. I am looking forward to building my first site using PSD and WordPress


PSD to WordPress is a very popular service these days. As coder I can just recommend everyone to try out flexibility of WordPress CMS.

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