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A Bloggy Tag Two-fer

By Char

Bloggy tagBloggy tag, a meme, sometimes a group writing project – these are all names of a game bloggers play. Some are serious, some are silly, some insightful and others introspective. Some bloggers play and others pass more often than not.

I have been tagged for two different memes in the past day, and since we are just sitting here watching the NHL Stanley Cup, I figured I could do a bloggy tag two-fer and take care of both memes in one post.

Let’s start with the Starbucker meme – the one Chris Cree tagged me with.

Here are the questions for this one:

  1. How full is your glass? My glass is always at least half full – I am an eternal optimist
  2. What kind of glass is it? The glass is a simple, unadorned drinking glass
  3. What’s in the glass? Right now the glass contains water, but often it contains Diet Coke
  4. Reasons for #1, #2, and #3. While I am always looking on the bright side, I don’t require much – I am not a high maintenance or overly material kind of gal. I drink water for its health benefits, yet I consider Diet Coke to be somewhat of a vice (yes, I know it is not good for me:-)).

I was tagged for the second meme by Aaron of Prime Advertising & Design Blog. The meme is 8 Random Things About Me.

  1. Hook em HornsI can’t just sit and watch TV – I fall asleep every time. It makes my family crazy, but they are getting used to it. I do crossword puzzles, work/surf on my laptop, or read magazines.
  2. Here’s one for you – I was accepted into the Aerospace Engineering program at University of Texas in 1986 – after a year, I decided that my heart was not in it and switched schools and majors – I have a B.S. in Economics.
  3. Before I had kids I tried to enter 2-3 road races a year. My all time favorite was the Army 10-miler. I’d love to run it again – this time with at least one of my kids. They ran their first race in May.
  4. Eleven years ago I was pregnant with my first child. Shortly after he was born, so was my business. I can’t believe how much I have learned and how rewarding working from home has been.
  5. I designed my first web site in 1997. I wish I would have kept count and screenshots of everyone I made (I guess I could check the WayBackMachine).
  6. This post has taken me over an hour to write and the hockey game is now over – Ottawa won
  7. There are two blogging books on my desk right now – Lorelle’s new book, Blogging Tips, and Yaro Starak’s e-book called Blog Profits Blueprint – I highly recommend them both.
  8. June is my blogging anniversary. How should I mark the occasion?

I am not tagging anyone specifically – if you want to take one (or both) and use them as inspiration for a post, go for it! Just be sure to let me know so I can read it.

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Healthy, but with a vice. Interesting dichotomy. Sorta like Rocket science and economics. ;)


Chris – and the randomness continues – from rocket science to economics to working for a defense contractor to teaching computer literacy to kids in private school to web design. I couldn’t even begin to predict the next 10 years.


Happy Blogiversary Char! Enjoy!


Great two-fer, and happy (upcoming) blogiversary! And I love dichotomies like yours – I really think they are the secret to our sanity. Thanks for responding to the tag, and all the best!


Thanks Yvonne!

Terry – great meme you started. You are most welcome.


Congrats on the blogging anniversary! I like the blog tagging idea because I believe blogging to be a community activity. Anything that encourages interactions within is aces by me.

Kudos for a nicely designed blog that is a pleasure to read.


Hey, you’re watching Hockey and I’m using Stumble Upon with the TV in the background. Glad I found your blog. Happy Anniversary and I’ll give you a Stumble Thumbs Up!


El Yanqui – thanks for stopping in and the kind words. Take one of the tags back to your blog – let me know when you post it.

David – thanks for the Stumble! Hope you are back as a regular visitor soon.


Happy Anniversary, Char!


Went ahead and responded.

Also stumbled the page as well. I will be sure to visit back soon. Keep up the good work.


Char.. i took the 8 random things meme to mine:

Nice reading about you too :)


Craig and Doris – thanks for taking these back to your bog too. I love reading everyone’s responses.

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