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A Day in the Life of the “Mom Palm” – Palm Pre Plus Review & Giveaway

By Char

So I have been using the Verizon Palm Pre Plus (read my first post on the “Mom Palm“) for the past few weeks and really putting it through the paces of my ultra crazy, busy, technology dependent life.  I thought I’d share with you what a cell phone really has to do in order to keep up with me! And if you keep reading to the end, you can find out how to win a $50 Visa gift card from Verizon!

A Day in the Life of a Mom Palm

  • 6:00 a.m. – Alarm goes off. Feet hit the floor, head down the stairs to the coffee pot! While coffee is being made, I quickly check my email on the Palm Pre Plus (ok, I’m impatient) and let the dog out.
  • 6:30 a.m. – Get first of 3 kids up for school – others staggered by 15 min. each. Check the weather and my calendar for the day on the Palm Pre Plus and look up a recipe for dinner (using the What’s for Dinner app) while making lunches.
  • 7:30 a.m. – Everyone in the car and drop off kids at school – get a text message from my walking buddy wanting to do our workout at 8 a.m.
  • 8:00 a.m. – Take Palm Pre Plus on the walk. Since we are trying to get back into running shape we use the cool countdown timer app to alternate 2 minutes walking with 2 minutes running.
  • 9:00 a.m. – Back from workout, showered and plug the Palm Pre Plus back in to charge while I work. Get text messages from hubs and friends in between.
  • 12:00 p.m. – Alarm on Palm Pre Plus goes off reminding me of a conference call I have.
  • 2:30 p.m. – Afternoon craziness officially starts and this is where the Palm Pre Plus seriously gets a workout. Head out to pick up kids from school. Check email in carpool lane and can actually open the PDF file (thanks to the built in PDF viewer) containing event sheet for upcoming swim meet and read them (big improvement over my last phone).
  • 4:00 p.m. – Drop off two kids at swim and head to grocery store with third. Use shopping list created from Whats for Dinner app. Drop off third child at gymnastics. Check in with husband via phone in between.
  • 5:30 p.m. – Back at the pool waiting for swimmers to be done. Check email, upload a cute picture of kids to Facebook, use TweeFree to check in with online pals on Twitter, make notes on favorite websites using Evernote app – and did I mention I can do all of this with my headphones on listening to my favorite music?
  • 6:00 p.m. – Youngest one done with practice waiting for older one. Let her play Flash Cards on the phone followed by Crossword Light (I seriously love this app) while we wait.
  • 7:00 p.m. – Back home and time for dinner. Pull up our dinner recipe on Whats for Dinner and get dinner started. Check email in between and respond to client questions without walking into the office.
  • 7:45 p.m. – Chill out time with family.
  • 9:00 p.m. Get text message from my daughter who is still at gymnastics practice to let me know her carpool is on its way to the meet up point. Pick her up and head home to make sure all homework is done and get all three kids in bed.
  • 9:30 p.m. – Palm Pre Plus goes back on the charger while husband and I hang out, watch TV and surf on our laptops (not always but most nights) – we are a multitasking family!

Now that is a cell phone that works!

Overall, how has the Palm Pre Plus scored during my trial with it? I’d give it an A-. Minus? Really? Yep, because while this phone rocks, but there are a few little things that are either missing or could be better. For example, the camera is great but there is no capability to take video yet (coming in version 1.4);  I’d really like to be able to assign different notification tones for email and texts; and I like the Google Maps but wish it had the built-in free navigation (I’m sure that is just a matter of time, too).

Now something good for you!!

I have been given a $50 Visa Gift Card from Verizon to give away to one of my lucky readers. That’s $50 to spend on what ever you want!

How do you win?

Leave a comment on this post no later than midnight March 16, 2010 answering one of the following questions:

  1. What is your favorite feature on your cell phone (or mine ;-) )?
  2. How do you use technology to keep your busy life on track?

Get an extra entry by getting social – use any of the buttons at the bottom of this post to spread the word about the giveaway. Leave a separate comment telling me whether you tweeted, stumbled, or otherwise shared this post using one of the social buttons. I will select a winner using and will post it here.


Disclosure again – I have been given the Palm Pre Plus and the service package for it by Verizon for a few months, they are providing the gift card for the giveaway as well. I am also being compensated for my time.


UPDATE: We have a winner!! Lucky #21 Courtney. Thanks again to all who entered.

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Would surely love the multi-tasking, since I now have the 700p. Switching between apps is horrible since my phone can take actually minutes to switch from one to another.


Would love to win $50! My favorite feature on my phone is a full qwerty keyboard. It makes text messaging MUCH easier.


My favorite feature on my phone is the touch screen!


I love my Palm Pre Plus. I left the iPhone for it due to it’s multitasking capability. I’m a mother/stepmother to 6 kids so my phone has to work hard. It’s not only my communication device, it’s also my primary computer for acccess to Facebook, Twitter, web searches…etc. Great device!


The favorite feature on my phone would have to be the accelerometer and touch based interface. My phone allows me to check emails on the go, check the markets and listen to music.


I just got a Pre and love it. Gestures and touchscreen are my favorite things – SO much easier than my DH’s Blackberry!


Woah! WebOS 1.4 is already out… well, at least for us Sprint users. I tested the video & it’s what you’d expect. Not the same quality as my FlipHD, but it’ll do for a phone. I love the Palm releases new features via free OS upgrades, versus making us buy a new product!

I use SprintTV to keep my kids occupied while we’re waiting for something. I can quickly pull up Hannah Montana or Phineas and Ferb and they’ll be entertained for a while.

The Sprint Navigation is pretty good, too. When my wife takes our Garmin GPS, I can use my phone to get where I’m going.

All that’s great, but a good camera is my favorite feature. Too many times the kids are doing something that I want to capture, or share, and I don’t have the camera with me. But I always have my phone.


My favorite feature of my cell phone is my QWERTY keyboard. It makes texting so much easier and faster. :) And I like the camera feature because it’s so convenient to always have a camera with me.


I tweeted. :)


username: mem4dr


I am obviously missing out because my cell phone does none of those things, except phone calls and the alarm. OK. So, it does have texting capability, but I don’t use it. So, I guess your article is telling me I need to upgrade. I could use all of those cool features, too!


My fave feature of my phone is the ability to access my email immediately and/or on the go! It really enables me to respond quickly to emails or requests!


To be able to get email.


I really like the functions of my iPhone, but sometimes coverage isn’t the best.


I’d love to have your What’s for Dinner app to find a recipe for dinner, for the shopping list, and then while cooking too. Wow!


I use technology like mobile phones, GChat and Facebook to stay in touch with friends around the world. My favorite feature on my cellphone is the nice keyboard for texting!


my favorite feature is the contact list.


My favorite feature is the touchscreen.


my favorite feature on my blackberry is all the apps. I love pandora! :) Great app


My favorite feature on my phone is the slide out keyboard to help me text faster lol. I cant live without it. If I try to use the number/letters keypad it takes me FOREVER :) Great contest thank you!


Following you on twitter and retweeted


I love the touch screen!


The best feature of my cell phone is its size, it’s so small!!! I keep all my contact #’s stored in my phone so I can reach anyone anytime!


My favorite feature on my cell is the mobile TV.


My favorite feature is the technology itself – I can stay in touch/instantly connect with family and friends. And I don’t have to sit home half of the day tied to a landline to conduct my personal business. I feel much better when my kids are out and about, that I can access them at the touch of a button. That is SO huge!!


My favorite feature on my cell phone is the camera (and it does video!) so that when I am with my grandchildren and they do something cute (often) I can take a picture or video and look at it again and again.


Following you on Twitter!


Tweeted this contest!!


I use my phone’s web browser conestantly.




I love my broswer on my phone.


I use technology in keeping fit! from the wii fit tracking everything to online sites for food, ipods for music. Even a GPS for mapping out new places for riding and jogging.


My favorite feature is the camera so I can snap shots of the kiddo while out and about without having to carry a separate camera.


Right now my fave features are loud speakerphone, picture quality and texting. Of course not as lucky as you and don’t have a smartphone even though could really use one with my consulting work
tvollowitz at aol dot com


My favorite feature on my phone is the camera, since I often forget my regular camera and I hate to be the bad mom who missed the cute picture moment!


Would love to win! I am a HUGE texter and one of the best features on this phone is the full keyboard that is easy to use too! I had the blackberry curve before this and felt that the keys were so difficult to use, i kept making mistakes. Im happy I made the switch to this phone!


My favorite feature on my cell phone is that it is nearly dead and my contract is up in June so I get a new phone from Verizon. This $50 would be really awesome to put towards paying my bill!


I work for an agency doing in-home nursing. I might end up anywhere. My favorite feature is email.


Favorite feature is that it can take photos. Love it!


I posted your giveaway on my Facebook page Carol P Dziuba!/profile.php?id=752204468&ref=nf


My favorite feature is the ability to web surf for quick access to addresses, phone numebers, price checks etc


Maybe with a full keyboard it wouldn’t take me 10 min to send a text..and it’d be readable!!! :)


My favorite feature on my cell phone is text messaging!

Robert Kuperberg
March 12th, 2010 at 2:45 pm

Love the Facebook application on the phone


taking pictures my son and daughtre-in-law just had twins on march 10th lucky i had a cell so i sould show them of at work

Mishone Luttrell
March 12th, 2010 at 2:59 pm

1.What is your favorite feature on your cell phone (or mine )?

Slider with keypad for texting

2.How do you use technology to keep your busy life on track?

My kids can call me to keep me informed with ease.


checking emails on the go is the very best feature


I love that I can take pics on my phone


I use technology in order to keep my busy schedule organized!


My favorite feature on my phone is text messaging


I love my full keyboard on my phone. I don’t know how I ever lived without it :)


I like the full keyboard on mine. It makes texting so much faster.


to check on kids while at work


I get reminder texts from my phone company or other companies to let me know my bill due date is company up—that’s how my phone keeps me on track!


My favorite feature is that I can go on the internet.


my favorite feature on my Env2 is the qwerty keyboard


My favorite feature on my cell phone is its ability to make phone calls…No, really. I don’t text or have internet; I really just like that it works! :-)


Definitely putting any of my favorite songs as ringtones. Nothing beats an Opeth lick when someone texts me.


My fav feature has to be the reminder feature….I get preoccupied and this would keep be aware of something I needed to be doing


How I use technology:
I use my computer for everything from finding a new recipe for dinner to tracking my son’s flight path to online shopping….and much more


My favorite features are the camera and QWERTY keyboard!


My favorite feature is that I can check email easily & frequently.


Mine is my mp3 player.


My computer helps me keep in contact with family members that don’t live around here.


I love my IPod — it’s really taking my computer with me wherever I go. So it’s great that I have my contacts and photos and calendars. But my favorite thing is having all of my music with me, particularly at the gym. It really keeps me motivated.


On yours I like the Weather app..very useful.
I use email to keep in touch with friends and family.


Like you, I would love the Palm Pre to have video capabilities. My phone does, and that’s one feature I love about it!


My favorite feature is the OFF button


My favorite feature is the touch screen.


My fave feature would have to be speaker phone!


I would love to upgrade my 8360!


I can use my cell phone to make phone calls.


The touchscreen on your phone is my favorite thing!

:) Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! :)




To get an email by phone


I LOVE the slide out keyboard on the PalmPre!!! I am horribly slow at texting, etc on my little keyboard on my “not smart” cell phone!

Thanks for the great giveaway!!! :)


I Tweeted about this giveaway here:

Thanks!!! :)


I gave this page a Thumbs Up on StumbleUpon as katygmorris.

Thanks!!! :)


I emailed this post to my friend and my cousin.

Thanks!!! :)


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My phone is 4 years old. Time to upgrade.


My favorite feature is my calendar.


My fave feature on my blackberry is the bbm feature, so I can keep in ouch wih my friends!


My favorite feature on my cell phone is that when I touch the screen it vibrates a little bit to let me know it felt my touch. Thanks for the opportunity to win $50!


the auto-dialer!


I love my built in camera, even though I drive my husband nuts sending him pictures all the time.


I love my keyboard it rocks & this is my favorite feature..


My favorite feature on mt phone is the one button speed dial.


I use the technology on my blackberry to keep my life in order… I use it as a calendar to keep my appointments, I use the email to keep up-to-date with work, and I use the alarm clock to make sure I’m not late for work in the morning!


I like my calander/alarm feature the best. I use my cell phone to google addresses so that I don’t need a computer with my always.


The grocery list. By the time I get to the store the paper list is gone, torn/missing bits, or crinkled and hard to read. (That’s my fave on your phone, btw. Mine could make calls, um…I think it could text, but it was well hidden, and…um…that’s about it.


Email accessibility


I use technology to simplify my communications. With, twitter, facebook, I can get a recap of everyone so quickly.


my favorite feature on my cell is the conversations feature



caller id, i’ve never used that before.


My favorite feature is the navigation system because I am horrible with directions.


My favorite feature on my cellphone is the ability to get my email wherever I am.


Favorite feature on my cell phone is the date calendar


I love the video on my phone along with games!


My favorite feature on my cell phone is the camera!




My favorite feature on my cell phone is that I have access to my email, facebook and twitter all in one spot!


My fave feature on my cell phone is the clock. I never wear watches anymore.


I love the fact that i can check emails online at any time and i use this everyday to keep in touch with friends and family.It makes my life more simple.
I tweeted here as carolynishis


I like the what’s for dinner app on your cell phone (I don’t have a cell phone yet).


I’m extremely busy- in touch with 3000 people daily- as a political activist ( Independant, fiscal Conservative)
So I just couldn’t function without a Computer and my ipad and smartphone


I use technology to stay in touch with family that is out of town and to keep in touch with friends. I like being able to check my email and social networking sites from my phone. I love you Palm Pre! I definitely would like one of those eventually. My birthday is this coming Thursday, I think I need to drop a few hints to family/friends ;) Thanks for the great giveaway!


I StumbleUpon’d this post (slnet1)


1. Texting is my favorite. I was always a fan of IM Messages so now they are on my phone

2. I use my phone to keep in touch because I am rarely in a place with a landline phone to contact people. I drive for work so I can keep work and family update on where I am and what I am doing


I use technology to keep in touch with family and friends while I am travelling. It is a convenient way to involve them in my life at all times and for me to keep up on what they are doing.


I like my flip phone because it flips closed. It’s old and verizon keeps trying to get me to upgrade my phone and i wont! I love my old phone


I love the slide down keyboard.


Turn by turn navigation. I use my phone to check my emails so that I can put out fires at work.


My favorite feature on my Droid Eris has to be the camera.


My phone has nothing special but love having it anyways


I use my BlackBerry for email to keep in touch with friends and family when I’m traveling – it’s fantastic!


I really like the e-mail and the alarm feature on your phone, we just have a basic phone and are looking into upgrading, your info on the Palm Pre Plus was very helpful, thanks!

Deborah Wellenstein
March 13th, 2010 at 2:18 pm

I love being able to take pictures, and immediately download them to my computer. I know, old school, but that’s me!


I know it’s basic, but my favorite cell feature is caller id. I need to know if I should interrupt my real life to answer the phone or not!


Love to win… love my Qwerty keyboard on my phone


i like the qwerty keyboard on mine.


I like the touch screen on my phone.


i have never owned a smart phone so all features are better then my old flip phone, as for the palm itself i like the multiple apps can run at the same time


I like the camera. I like being somewhere and being able to snap a picture and test it to someone and have them see what I’m talking about right then.
I’m too electronically inclined, but I do use the calendar on Outlook to keep track of appointments.


I’ve never tweeted in my life…but this blog made me go sign up.
Wow-I have really been missing out on technology-I guess it’s time to put away my stone tablet and chisel ;)
I love the fact that everything is in one place on that phone. I can just see the organizing happening as I type.

Thanks for the great review and the giftcard giveaway…maybe I could use the giftcard to update my stone tablet to a touch screen model :)


visual voice mail


My favorite feature on my phone has to be the tip calculator.


My favorite feature on your phone is the ability to check email.


I love my camera on my phone because I can capture so many pictures of the kids. I don’t always have my camera handy but I do have my phone


My favorite feature is the camera on my cell phone! It comes in handy for those spontaneous moments with the kids when I don’t have my camera with me!

ouroboro2000 at gmail dot com


There are many features that I like but I love that the phone has camera and video.


I like that you can use navigator and take a phone call. We just became Verizon members and used the navigator. We got a phone call and ended up lost since it messed up the navigator. lol Thanks for the giveaway!


I’m way behind the times. I don’t even have internet on my phone. But I am happy to be able to get in touch with my family any time of the day or night. I don’t know how mother’s used to handle it when their kids went out without a means of communicating.


just having a phone whre my kids get a hold of me when i am away…simple pleasure


I don’t use my cell phone much, but I use my computer a lot to keep track of info. I have a sticky notes software program that I use to keep notes of things and put them up on my desktop. The program also features an alarm, so I can set it to remind me of things. Very useful, especially since my memory ain’t what it used to be.


My favorite thing about what your phone does would be what you wrote here:

Check email, upload a cute picture of kids to Facebook!



I use technology by having a calendar on my computer that I use every day.


I use technology by utilizing 3G and everyone’s cell phones to keep everyone informed of plans.

Karen Pochodowicz
March 13th, 2010 at 9:09 pm

The ability to email. I use technology to multitask. I can do several things at once while using technology and that saves me time.


I love the touch screen


My favorite feature is the alarm clock – I can set it to remind myself to do things and not be late!


sign me up


I have begun a new job and I am finding technology is my friend. I use my phone for speed dialing, birthdays, and scheduling. My phone is very limited I see after comparing it to Verizon’s Palm Pre Plus.

tnrina at gmail dot com


Daily Tweet
tnrina at gmail dot com


Following charpolanosky on Twitter
tnrina at gmail dot com


The contact list is my favorite feature


I send myself emails with reminders all the time. Thanks so much for the great giveaway!


I like the alarm clock feature.


Qwerty Keyboard – much easier to text


My favorite feature is the camera.


The vibrate option…it is so annoying to hear other people’s phones go off anywhere and everywhere.


My favorite feature on my phone would just be the camera feature. I love being able to snap pictures if i don’t have my camera handy.


I love that I can assign songs as ringtones on my current cell’s like audible caller i.d. since I can tell by my ringtone who is calling me. What I dislike is my phone’s’s slow and takes awful photos.


Since I don’t have a cool cell phone like yours (jealous? yep) was the Shopping List app (I’m terrible about shopping without one and always end up forgetting something important like toilet paper or more chocolate).
The technology I use to help me keep up is Facebook to keep in touch with old friends and new that I don’t get to see and talk to everyday.


I submitted contest on Delicious (id is happyenchilada)


I voted and commented on the submitted site in REDDIT (my id on Reddit is happyenchilada)


My favorite feature on my cell phone would be the ability to retrieve my emails.


The touch screen


The camera is my favorite feature on my cell phone.


I mainly use calender, contact and reminder functions as far as tech stuff goes.


I only use a cell phone for phone calls, so my favorite feature is that I get to pick a lovely ringtone. ;)


I love technology, I am on the computer basically all day long, but as far as organizing our lives and our schedule, I am old school – I use my mental power and paper calendars/to-do lists. But email is handy for making plans with others.


My favorite feature on my cell phone is the sliding keyboard, it makes testing so much easier


My favorite feature is the keyboard, it makes texting so much quicker for me! I use technology to keep my busy life on track by using the organizer to schedule my day so I can do everything on the go, and do it in the most economical way.


The only thing I like about my cell phone is that it has a Qwerty keyboard.


I follow you on Twitter and I Tweeted:


I am a fan on Facebook (KLM40)


I love the games mine can play..though outdated!


I have my appointments calendar on four different synced devices.

Darlene Alexander
March 14th, 2010 at 3:49 pm

My favorite features is the vibration when I’m in a place where you don’t want it ringing.


The favorite feature on my phone is the camera. I love being able to take pictures at anytime and send them to family. I use technology in my busy life by storing all my important contact numbers on my phone so I have it available at any time


For me with my phone it is the ap store. How did we survive without them? Always something new to buy (or get free) to keep me entertained 24/7! There is an ap for everything!!!


My favorite feature on my cell phone is being able to go online when I need to.


My favorite thing about my phone is that is syncs with my computer/Outlook program. That is how I stay on top of my life with technology. I sync everything and then no matter where I am I know what’s going on in my life. I also love being able to check my email on my phone so no matter where I am I can get that done.


Touchscreen is a must


The camera is my favorite


i don’t have a cel phone, i use my dig camera so i can keep my sis updated on happenings (she’s out of the country)


It’s a simple feature, I know, but I like the alarm on my cell phone. It keeps me from forgetting some time sensitive tasks during the day.


My favorite feature is how it automatically syncs with my calendar and to do list


I love the internet access on my phone, being able to look up an answer anytime/anywhere is great.
Thanks for the giveaway!


My favorite feature… Hmmmm… VOICE COMMANDS. I know voice command is a bit old school compared to all the new features on phones, but I would be LOST without!


I use Facebook to keep up with what all my friends are doing.


My favorite feature on my cell phone is call quality.


The main way I use technology to help in my daily life is to bank and pay bills online. I act as ‘book-keeper’ for a daughter and her family, and do taxes for the entire family, so having a virtual account book and the ability to go online and pay their bills with just a few clicks is very helpful.


Your phone sounds great! I love that you can run multiple apps at once, and the crossword light would be great for me too!


As a person who can’t stand an idle mind, I know I would use Crossword Light.


On my phone my favorite feature is easy access to quick telephone numbers and the slide action of the phone how you can actually change the noise of the sound it makes when you slide the phone. I have a Samsung. I use technology via my cellphone as an alarm, to put important dates in and to communicate with friends that live far away.


I like texting on my phone


ANY app on the iPhone is my fave.


I don’t have a cell phone. My favorite feature on your phone is the shopping list created from Whats for Dinner app.


My favorite feature on mine is the alarm clock–I use it to remind me of EVERYTHING!


My favorite feature of my cell phone is that the battery lasts for about 3 days under normal (normal for me anyway) useage. I don’t need to charge it all the time like most people do, and I find that fantastic! Thanks for the giveaway, $50 would be a month and a half of service for me!

Sabrina Freifeld
March 15th, 2010 at 5:13 pm

My favorite thing on my phone is that I have a full keyboard of letters and when you press a button, they turn into numbers!


I love being able to access my e-mail on my phone, and knowing immediately when I have received it.


My favorite feature is the camera.


Yeah, I like the camera, web access, gps, etc., but my favorite phone feature is still the ability to make phone calls. Thanks.


My favorite feature on my phone is texting.


I use a reminder app on my computer to remind me of everything from bill pay day to hair color appointments.

oinkmoobaa (@) yahoo (.) com


I love a couple things about my phone… being able to text quickly, the camera and the task list option!


I have a basic phone so not a lot of features. But all this new stuff is really tempting.


thumbed up on stumble


I actually don’t have a cell phone (I know it’s hard to believe). I use email to keep my busy life on track by catching up with friends, tying up business, and so forth.


Checking email on my phone is great


I use text messages and email on my cell phone. The apps such as gps help me get around and get to meetings on time.

Jacob LaFountaine
March 15th, 2010 at 9:01 pm

My favorite feature is text messaging. Sometimes you just don’t want to have to talk to someone voice to voice


I like the shopping list thingy on your phone. I am forever forgetting my shopping list and it would be great to write on when I am thinking about it and have it when I need it.


facebook is great for keeping in touch with friends….


My favorite feature on my Blackberry is the app store- my favorite app is PrivacyStar, which lets me block telemarketers from calling.


My favorite feature of my phone is the camera. I know, not very exciting, but it is my favorite. I love being able to snap a picture anywhere anytime! THANKS!


My favorite feature of your phone would have to be the built-in PDF viewer — I rely on my laptop and phone to read and transfer files for work and school, and having the ability to open and read PDFs on my phone would be a major time-saver! Thanks!

Patricia Treskovich
March 15th, 2010 at 10:36 pm

like checking email on the phone

Patricia Treskovich
March 15th, 2010 at 10:37 pm

use a computer to bank on line to save time


I hate my cell phone and I wish my cell service offered the palm pre. Love the touch screen on the palm and all the apps you can add. I had a palm treo but it went to cell phone heaven.


Great $50 giveaway! I like the camera on my phone. My phone keeps me connected to my family wherever I am! Thanks!


I love my camera. I use it more than my regular camera!


I’m just glad to have a re-dial button on my trac phone, but I think your phone being able to check the weather would be awesome. The only technology to keep me on track that I have right now, is my clock radio, at least I can get up on time!


My favorite feature on my cell phone is the ability to make and receive calls. Beyond that, I guess the calculator has come in handy a few times. It’s a very basic model.

What I love about your new phone is that it can serve as a portable wi-fi hotspot, and you can use the GoogleMaps app to get directions when you’re already on the road and away from your computer.


love the games on my phone, they can keep the kids busy while we’re waiting in line somewhere


I Love cellphones that have The Flash feature on the camera!


Stumbled this giveaway.

Angela Winesburg
March 16th, 2010 at 2:21 am

I love the touch screen, thanks!


I use technology to keep on top of my email. I like being able to instantly reply to people and not let my inbox pile up, which is always stressful for me.


I stumbled this post (decadent87)


My favorite feature is the camera. I love having the ability to take spontaneous pictures when my kids are doing something cute.


I love the different apps that can entertain my kids while waiting patiently somewhere!


touchscreen ty.


my fave feature is the calculator


I like the fact that my cell-phone rings and has very few options,,,although a cam would be nice


I don’t have a cell phone, but I DO use “technology” to get through each week. My daughters set me up with everything I need, and I use it all. The latest was a program where i could put in all my dates for appointments and things, and when the time came, it would remind me. THAT was a terrific thing.


My favorite feature on my cell phone is the texting feature.


I truly love the what’s for dinner app!



It’s super simple, but I love the calculator feature. It helps me stay on budget while grocery shopping – otherwise I lose track and can easily go over.

I use technology to keep our life on track by scheduling reminders on our phones and computers.

soluckyducky at gmail dot com



soluckyducky at gmail dot com


I like that it rotates 360 degrees.
I use technology by making life easier from everything like cooking to waking me up and putting me to sleep with the gadgets I have and use.


Hmm fave feature- full keyboard to text.


My favorite feature of my phone is the ability to send and receive email. It is such a time saver for me.


My cell phone is an extremely basic one! It works and that is my favorite feature!!

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I was laid off quite a while ago, and bought a laptop to help me with my job search. With free wi-fi at library and Barnes & Noble, I am able to do a lot more than on my dial-up at home!


I use mine to text


My favorite feature is my video camera on my phone, it is always there to capture what my little one is doing.


Uh – I’m counting my blessing that I have a cell phone AT ALL!! My husband doesn’t think we need them (although when I finally told him I’d had ENOUGH of having the kids stranded in one place while I was waiting somewhere else and I was going to buy a Tracfone whether he liked it or not, he was VERY quick to decide that HE needed it – so the kids STILL had no way of calling me when their plans changed! He’s lucky I didn’t beat him over the head with it! So then I bought another phone that my kids shared. When my son went off to college, I bought a 3rd phone, and even then, when I wanted to buy myself a phone, my husband balked. He said that if I were going to have an emergency, I could use HIS phone!!!

Aren’t you sorry you asked? :-) But anyway, the point of this whole thing is that I’m lucky to have a phone at all, so I’m really not the best person to say what features I like the most. I would sound very pathetic if I said that I liked the fact that it rang when my kids called :-)


I subscribed with google reader


How strange – one of my messages vanished.
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My favorite feature is instant message, can’t live without it :)


I love my touch screen!


I love the camara on my phone! I use it all the time. Thanks for the chance.


Is “general awesomeness” a feature of the Palm Pre? If I have to pick just one, I would say that I LOVE the multitasking on the Palm Pre!


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I would love the Whats for Dinner option how kewl is that!


My fav feature is voice command because I am not safe to drive and even dial on the


My cell phone is so old all it is is a phone, nothing else, my favorite feature is that the plan is so cheap I don’t do broke using it


This would really help me keep in touch. I am a college student a town over from where I live and I also help to take care of my grandmother and it seems like I am always away from home doing stuff. This would really help me keep in touch with everybody and vice versa.


The camera – not necessarily for me, but because it keeps my kids occupied if we’re waiting somewhere, they love taking pictures.


I use my camera all of the time. Have great memories on my phone and saved to a card! Thank goodness for the memory cards!


My favorite feature is the off button. :-)


My very favorite is the alarm. I know, it’s a simple thing, but I tend to let my mind wander and without an alarm I would miss (or be late) for so many things.


Like my simple Motorola 300 and it’s simple keyboard.


My favorite feature is reading my email! I’m finally starting to catch up with my old email!


It’s great in the car for emergencies


My favorite cell phone feature is the calculator. I’ve pulled it out countless times to figure out tips, discounts, etc.


My fave feature on my cell phone is the camera, I am always getting pics at times when I wouldn’t have my regular camera :D

Francine Anchondo
March 16th, 2010 at 5:20 pm

My favorite feature on my phone is my camera.


I must be one of the few out there that has a dinosaur cell phone, prepaid only used for emergencies! I don’t think it has any special features other than “talk” and “end” lol. As for technology, e-mail is the best way to keep organized around here, if I need to remember to do it I e-mail myself, because I know I’ll check that!


I only wish I could own such a nice phone like yours.

My plain phone has a camera which is my fav. feature. Acually comes in handy at times!

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I love a phone with a qwerty keyboard!


My alarm clock is my favorite feature. It’s got it’s own tone and it’s the only alarm clock that seems to ever wake me up!
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How do you use technology to keep your busy life on track?
I use email and Facebook to keep in touch with my fam instead of using the phone so much.


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Jennifer Jozwiak
March 16th, 2010 at 8:30 pm

I like my ability to go online with my phone!


How do I use technology? I keep my schedule on my phone.


My favorite feature on my cellphone would have to be the camera w/a flash! :)


I love my task list on my phone!


i use my phone to write notes so i stay on track with my task list.


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I bring my laptop with me if I’m going to be away from it for more than four hours…then if there isn’t free wi-fi around, I hook up my phone and go to town!


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My favorite feature of the Palm Pre Plus is the 3G Mobile HotSpot app where you can enable web access for your Wi-Fi devices via the phone.


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My favorite feature on my cell phone is the camera.


My favorite feature on my phone is the camera. It is so convenient to take pictures.


My favorite feature is e-mail access.


I like the fact my phone can check email, it keeps me connected to everything important to me on the web.


My favorite feature is that, as long as the battery is charged, it is there when I need it


It can access the Internet on the go


My favorite feature is text messages. Your phone ROCKS!


The address book.
The calendar/reminders.


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