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A List Apart Web Design Survey

By Char

Back in April the team from A List Apart and An Event Apart conducted the first real survey of people who make web sites. They wanted to know who we are, what our education was, who we work for, what we earn, the skills we have, and a few more important questions.

I took the survey and have been looking forward to seeing the results of the survey. The 82-page report of findings was released today. WOW! The team at A List Apart did a great job of pulling all the data together and presenting it in an easy to read and meaningful format.

Visit A List Apart for the full report and if you really want it, you can get the raw data too – mmm, crunchy!

What did I learn from the report? In many areas, I am in the minority – but that doesn’t surprise me, nor does it bother me.

  • Age: Since I am now a ripe old 39, I fall into the 39-50 age group – along with 10% of other web professionals who took the survey.
  • Gender: 16% of those surveyed are women (another reason I am so proud to be on that W list)
  • Education: I’m with the majority here – I have my Bachelor’s Degree but like 46% of those surveyed, its in a totally unrelated field – Economics
  • Work: Like 23% of my peers, I am self employed. I have been in the field for more than 10 years like 9% of those surveyed. (Does that make me a dinosaur in web years?) And 35% of us do web work full-time.

Enough about me. The report is goes into much greater detail on salaries, where we work, perceived and actual bias, skill sets and more. It is definitely an interesting read – especially if you took the survey or you are in the web design field.

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