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Auction Ads Becomes Shopping Ads

By Char

Shopping AdsEarlier this year Media Whiz launched a new program that allowed web publishers to advertise eBay auction items on their site and then share a portion of the profit if a user clicked, bid, and won the auction. The program was called Auction Ads, and while the idea was great, it was definitely not the easiest way for publishers to earn money from their sites since the ad only paid out if the user actually won the auction.

A few months ago they introduced a new by invitation only beta program for a similar product called Shopping Ads. The premise behind Shopping Ads was similar to Auction Ads – let publishers select keywords that match their content, and then through a partnership with merchants, deliver ads that paid per click instead.

I just got a note from Shopping Ads that they have now combined the two services into one – calling it Shopping Ads. For Standard publishers, the payout is pay per action. However, premium publishers will now recieve pay per click for US and Canadian visitors and pay per action for visitors elsewhere.

You can completely customize your ads to be different sizes, colors, and you select the keywords for the products it will display.

Since you select the keywords, Shopping Ads is not contextual which means you can run it along side Adsense. You can also place the ads at the site level or post level with no limitation on how many you place.

I am really excited about this new and improved version of the two programs. For product based sites, I think Shopping Ads is going to be a great new way to monetize the site.

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I am joining shoppingads 2 weeks ago. Now, ads from them already display on my blog.

Thanks for your review about shoppingads

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