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Auction Ads Sign Up Bonus Promotion

By Char

It’s Wednesday and I should have an Essential Tools post for you, but I am swamped and have not finished that post yet. However, I just came across an offer that some of you will be interested in.

Auction AdsAuction Ads is running a promotion for new publishers right now. Every new Auction Ads publisher that signs up will automatically get $25 put into their Auction Ads account to get the ball rolling.  This is a really good deal, especially with the holidays coming up.

How does Auction Ads work?

Auction Ads, which is now owned by the same company that owns Text Link Ads,  is another method by which you can monetize your web site.  It is not contextual so you can run it side by side with many other programs.  Basically, you sign up for an account, customize your ad (colors, keywords, size), then add the Auction Ads code to your site, and when your site’s visitors click on an Auction Ad listing and take an action on eBay you make money. These actions are either a winning bid, a Buy-it-Now or a confirmed user registration.

Auction Ads

What sites do well with Auction Ads?

Not every web site is a good match for Auction Ads – that is why I am not running it on all of my sites. However, if you have a site that caters to an audience that is looking for a specific product, Auction Ads is a very viable monetizing method.  Of course, the more traffic you have going to that site, the better your odds.

How do I know?

I have been running Auction Ads on a few of my niche sites for a while. The individual item payouts are not always huge, but they are often more than you would get from Adsense or another contextual program – and they add up quick! Plus as an affiliate you get 5% of all revenue produced from publishers you refer with your affiliate link to AuctionAds for the first 6 months that they are in the program. Not bad. And, yes, all of these Auction Ad links are my affiliate links because I’d love to have you sign up through me.

Wondering about payout? Once your account reaches $50, Auction Ads pays on the 1st of each month via PayPal – even if the 1st is on a Saturday like it was last month. So with the new publisher bonus, you are half way there already.

If you have a site with a strong consumer audience sign up as with Auction Ads and give it a try.

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