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Authority Bloggers and SOBCon08

By Char

What does it take to be authority blogger? It takes passion, knowledge, a constant desire to gain more information, the ability to learn from others and your own mistakes, and the willingness to share your experiences with others.

In order to become an authority blogger, you have to create a community where people want to come to you for the information, not just because you have it, but because you give a little something extra. That extra is value that comes from building a relationship with your readers, offering personal insight and expertise along with information.

Becoming an authority blogger doesn’t happen overnight and you can’t do it on your own. It takes time. You have to listen to others, join conversations, freely offer up your own expertise and advice, and be willing to “pay your dues.”

SOBCon08 is the perfect place to get your start on becoming an authority blogger! SOBCon08 is a blogging conference like no other, hosted by Liz Strauss of Successful Blog. The conference will be held in Chicago on May 2-4, 2008 and features a unique combination of presentations and mastermind workshops. Basically the conference is Business School for Bloggers where you are both the student and the professor. Each attendee will leave with an actionable plan for becoming an authority blogger in their own niche.

For the past 12 years I have been working as a freelance web designer and consultant. About two years ago a client asked me to help her set up a blog. Knowing nothing about this new platform, I began to research. As soon as I started researching, I decided that the best way to really understand what she was trying to accomplish was to get involved myself. I launched this blog (first on Blogger, then to its own domain and WordPress where it is now) and was instantly hooked. Not only did the blog serve as research, it became an outlet for me to share what I knew and observed in my areas of expertise.

Within a matter of months I discovered the power of blogging, networking with others online, and the amazing community that has evolved in the blogosphere. In the past two years, I have learned MORE than I have in the past 12 about web development, web site monetization, social networking, and niche marketing. WHY? Because the wisdom of shared knowledge is so much stronger than anything one individual could ever come up with!

This year I plan to take my level of knowledge and community one step further by attending SOBCon08. I cannot wait to meet all 200+ attendees face to face. Many of us have met online via Liz’s Open Comment Night, Twitter, various forums (such as the now defunct MomGadget forum and my new – favorite Performancing’s Hive forum), and through participating in each other’s blog conversations. However, having the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing conversation is just huge!

While I know all of the presenters are going to be amazing, the part I am most looking forward to is the mastermind groups. The value in this conference is really the intense networking and sharing of ideas that will take place. I would like to be able to take away from the conference that I have helped create a plan for success for one of my colleagues. It is just too much fun to share these successes with others who “get it!”

And if I am lucky enough to get the opportunity to consult with Chris Garrett for an entire hour (pick me, pick me), I have a whole list of questions for him on managing multiple domains, hiring writers, focusing a niche and of course, becoming an authority blogger.

I’m ready to take my blogging authority to the next level – are you?

If you are not convinced you need to be at SOBCon08, check out my 10 Reasons You Need to be at SOBCon and the interview Liz did with Jason Falls about SOBCon08.

PS – This is my entry into Chris G.’s contest to win $2000 of SOBCon and Chrisg consulting.

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Great contribution Char – good luck!

I like the emphasis on giving that bit extra – that’s what your readers will keep coming back for, over and over.


PS I love the customized badge by the way. You deserve a prize for that alone!


Thanks Joanna! Making the badge was fun.


I don’t expect to ever be any kind of authority blogger, but I’m going to learn from those of you who are ;) Looking forward to meeting you there, and LOVE the badge!


Constantly learning new things in my adventures of online business I have grown greatly… but being here only a little longer then a year I still have much to learn… I am always looking to broaden my knowledge and share this knowledge with others.

Great blog!

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