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Bits and Pieces

By Char

Just a few random thoughts on Saturday morning.

  • Tomorrow is Blogtipping Day. Take Easton’s lead and share three new blogs with your readers tomorrow. Tell us what you like about them and then if you feel up to it, leave a tip – you know, constructive criticism for the blogger.
  • Tomorrow is also April Fool’s Day. Hmmm. Why not share some stories with your readers on pranks – did you dish it out or were you on the receiving end?
  • Feeling brave? The First Annual Naked Day is April 5th. No, we are not asking you to remove your clothes, just your CSS from your web site. Dustin Diaz challenges us to show our code in all its glory and to showcase the hard work of all the web designers of the world at the same time. Are you in?
  • Have you registered for SOBcon yet? SOBcon is a unique blogging conference that is taking place May 11-12 in Chicago. Check it out and stay tuned here. I will be interviewing some of the speakers over the next few weeks.
  • Let’s stop Cyberbullying! No one needs to be subjected to threats, be afraid, or forced to close down their blog because others just are mean.

Have a great weekend!

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Cyberbullying, never knew their was such a thing I cant imagine it too be honest.

If i was to take my CSS off my sites it would be a mess no layout or anything, no chance.


Yes I didn’t know the term “Cyberbullying” until I start to read deeper about it. Basically I think if in realife it is possible to do bad things to people it is always possible in some extend to do the same things in cyberspace. I guess It’s just another way of saying “bad things we can do online to each other”….

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