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Blogtipping – A Day Late

By Char

blogtippingI meant to do my blogtipping yesterday but real life intervened. For those of you who are not familiar with blogtipping, it is was started by Easton at Business Blogwire and it is a way of sharing new blogs with your readers, giving kudos to another blogger, and having fun.

If you do blogtipping in it’s purest form, you name three blogs, tell why you like them and give a constructive tip to the blogger. But, feel free to put your own spin on it!

My blog tipping for this month includes:

  • The Wrong Advices – I find his tag line to be fascinating – “random thoughts of a dot com orphan” – there is definitely a story there and I’ll need to hang out at this blog more to find out. There is a good mix of serious posts and fun posts.
  • Fresh Yields – I love the simple, clean design and appreciate Steve’s point of view. Fresh Yields is also the name of Steve’s web design firm – another reason I am quickly becoming a loyal reader – and he brings his expertise into his posts. Oh, and one more reason – Steve and his wife just started – a place for family oriented blogs to share their articles in a Digg-like setting.
  • Prime Advertising – It is nice to see more companies reaping the rewards of blogging. Aaron at Prime Advertising started blogging in February and I don’t think he will be looking back anytime soon. The layout and colors are beautiful, the content is helpful, and Aaron writes with a professional, yet approachable style.

If you haven’t done your blogtipping for the month yet, what’s stopping you? Easton won’t mind if you are a day or so late. And neither will we.



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Thanks Char for the mention. Love the blog-tipping concept! As I posted, blogging has really increased a number of valuable things for our company from site traffic to internal communication.


Thanks for the mention Char. I guess I’ll have to do a post now explaining myself. :)


Aaron – You are welcome. There are so many companies that could benefit by taking your lead.

Daniel – Yes, please give us the scoop to go with the tag line.


That sounds nifty. I like that idea. LOL. Maybe I’ll do it sometime, but right now, I wanna keep my posting down to a few times a week. I think I’m losing readers. :D


Blogtipping – never got a good definition for it! Now I know…


Jenny – it is a great way to share new blogs with your readers. Try it, you’ll like it.

Webomatica – Now that you know, I expect you to join us in May for the first Blogtipping Anniversary. ;-)


I’ve heard of blogtipping before, but never seen the actual sign, very funny. I’m off to check out all the blogs now.

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