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Blogtipping on February 1st

By Char

BlogtippingHave you ever been blog tipping? If yes, you know that it occurs on the first of each month. If not, here is how you play. Pick three blogs that you enjoyed this month and let us know who they are. Tell us three things that you like about the blog, and one constructive tip to help the blogger take the blog to the next level. And if you are wondering who came up with this crazy idea – it’s Easton at Business Blogwire.

My choices this month include:

Work At Home Blog – When Angela upgraded her blog to the new Blogger everything about her blog suddenly took on a new appeal. The positives: super clean, uncluttered layout; very useful how-to posts with tips that we can all use and understand; and links galore.

But I leave a small tip – how about a snappier header? My first impression is that it a bit text heavy.

Practical Blogging – Robyn is a whirlwind of blogging knowledge – she’s successful and experienced – and has some excellent content! The positives: great use of pages for giving us timeless info; fun widgets in the sidebar; regularly updated, cutting edge information.

A small tip - it is hard to tell where one post ends and another begins. Maybe set off your post titles in another color, bold or such.

SuccessCREEations – Apart from the fact that Chris always brings the Klondike Bars to Liz’s Open Comment Night, his blog is definitely worthy of subscription. The positives: thought-provoking posts relating to blogging and business; everything in its place – all his sidebar content is neatly organized and contained; and he has a video of the news coverage from the Blog Savannah event – you must watch it!

Even smaller tip – umm, I’m still looking…

In other news!

byobWant to join a blog network, but don’t want to give up control of your blog? Gack Ink is a new blog network that will appeal to those who love blogging. And, they are accepting submissions right now.

And I have a new gig! I joined the b5Media team today as the blogger for the Weary Parent blog. Come over and say hi – better yet, if you have kids that fall into the teen or tween age group, subscribe and join me on my daily journey into raising tweens and teens.



Congrats Char… I’ll be checking out Weary Parent!


Thanks Doris – your comments are coming through again! Yeah.


Congrats on the new gig! I’m looking forward to reading.


See. And my wife says that I’m “structured”. Thanks for the recommendation, Char. Good tipping.

(Anyone care for a Klondike bar?)


Chris – it’s interesting what a blogger’s site layout often says about their personality. Obviously I like neat, tidy boxes, too.

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