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Blogtipping – Three great blogs to discover!

By Char

Blogtipping - see www.businessblogwire.comIt’s the first of the month which makes it Official Blogtipping Day! I’ve discovered some great new blogs this month, so let’s go!

Blog #1 – TechZOnline

Reasons I like it:

  1. I like that it has a weekly schedule by topic and he shares what plugins he uses on the site.
  2. TechZ introduced me to Stumble Upon and that has really helped my traffic.
  3. He has done some great interviews with bloggers (like Liz).

Tip: Keep up the great work.

Blog #2 – Mo’ Bettah Marketing

Reasons I like it:

  1. Griffin isn’t afraid of change or asking for input.
  2. His enthusiasm for blogging and business is apparent at every turn.
  3. As the newest Gator in the pond, Griffin knows the power of teamwork.

Tip: Get a snappy graphical header.

Blog #3 – eMoms at Home

Reasons I like it:

  1. I like the article 10 Signs That You Are Ready to Start a Home Based Business
  2. Nice writing style and attitude of helping others.
  3. She has done a nice job of making her template seasonal.

Tip: Incorporate pictures into your posts occasionally to break up the text a bit.

So, take the challenge today! Tip three blogs – your favorites, ones you’ve recently discovered, or ones you want the world to know about. It’s fun, and your stats will love you for it.

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WOWIE! Thanks! *big grin*


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Great job, Char! Nice blog design too – is it new?

I’ll link to your exploits today :) .


Yes, Easton it is new. Don’t blink though – I may be changing it again!


You’ve been tipped! :-) It is posting now! Love your blog!


Thanks Char! I know I should include more photos – it’s a pain. I should probably just install a plugin to make it easier. I’m using WordPress – any suggestions on one that would be good? (And I added a photo today – great tip!!)


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