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Char, this is a really helpful tip to know! I never think to logout before upgrading…now I will and I’ll keep this post tucked somewhere safe.

Always such useful information from you. Thanks!


Tammy – I have never paid attention to it in the past and have been able to upgrade successfully while being logged on before. However, this one time I didn’t work.

Glad it was useful ;-)


This is so helpful as I always forget to log out my account properly.Thanks for sharing your tips!


Excelent!!!….. Thanks a lot!!!…. I was giving up and I found your tip…. Really aprecciate it!…


THANKS! I spent my entire day trying to login to my blog, messed it up some more ( got 500 error,etc) but then I found your advice and all is well now.


Excellent… thx, this has happened a few times and I just couldn’t work out why it was happening


Didnt work for me. I have a completely fresh install with no changes and get this issue. I suspect it is related to Plesk, I ALWAYS have problems with Plesk hosting.

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