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I am testing out Qumana right now and figured I would give its tires a quick kick while sharing five posts that are worth your read.

Lorelle posts her list of Things I Want Gone From the Web in 2007. While I am guilty of one or more of her pet peeves, her list is well thought out and very timely.

Kian Ann has just about convinced me to convert two of my "static" sites over to blog/traditional site hybrids thanks to his 3 Reasons Why 30 Blog Visitors Are Better than 300 Website Visitors post.

I  frequently practice Easton’s Daily Blogging Tip – Practice Blogging Quickly. I am one of those people that has to go with the first answer or thought I come up with so this strategy works well for me.

Tony Hung has done a great job filling in this week at ProBlogger – every entry worth reading, but How to Market Your Blog in 2007 is a must read.

Angela has had some timely how-to’s this week with instructions on adding MyBlogLog to the new Blogger sites and how-to’s for phpBB board administrators.

There you have my top of the charts for the week. And as for Qumana – more pros than cons so far. Download it and give a test drive of your own over the weekend. I’ll give it a full review after I have more time with it.

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Three Must Read Posts for 12-20-06

Posted by: Char | Comments (2)

A few posts have really struck a chord with me today!  These are must reads in my book:

I’m done being bossy now. Enjoy your evening!

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Courtesy of www.printables4kids.comFor all my readers in the US, I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving on Thursday. I hope you stay safe, enjoy the company of others and eat some really great food!

I started my blogging adventure 5 months ago today and can not believe how much I have learned and how many cool bloggers I have met in the process. The following is my official Thank You to all who have brought me this far and I look forward to a long, happy blogging existence!

  • V-Grrrl – Inspiration #1 when she asked me to help her set up a blog in Aug. 2005. This blogger is one talented writer who I have had the pleasure of working with for many years.
  • Energize Me – Inspiration #2 when she asked me to help her set up her blog in Spring 2006. Gail has been a client of mine for almost a decade and is one major ball of energy and motivation.
  • BusinessBlogWire – Thanks Easton for teaching me the art of Blogtipping!
  • Successful Blog – Oh, Liz! You have taught me the importance of conversation and finding your writing voice!
  • MomGadget – Thank you Gayla for creating such a great forum for bloggers to share ideas and for your friendship!
  • Work at Home Blog – Angela’s tips and commentary on how she makes it work are inspiring.
  • Lorelle on WordPress came to my rescue and answered a question I had posted. Thank you for your comprehensive resources on WordPress!
  • Copyblogger - Thank you Brian for teaching us how to maximize the bang for our buck when it comes to writing on the web!
  • Tony at Success from the Nest – all I can say is thank you for the wonderful illustrations that go along with your words of wisdom. They truly set you apart.
  • Leah at Working Solo – Thank you for all the great tips and tidbits at your blog. Did I mention I love the new look?
  • Robyn and I discovered that we are just too alike! Thanks for the ongoing conversation and giggles.
  • Converstations – Thank you for your posts that reassure me that I am on the right track (no pun intended).
  • Wendy at eMoms at Home can read my mind and seems to know what I need to be working on! Thanks!
  • Thanks to TechZ for teaching me to stumble-upon and all the nice comments.
  • Blogopreneur gets a thank you for recognizing work at home moms and getting the conversation going.
  • And I have learned quite a bit from John Chow about different monetizing techniques, tools, and places to eat if I am ever in Canada.

Thanks again to all these bloggers! You all have so much to contribute to the blogosphere. I would also like to express my gratitude to anyone not mentioned here who took the time to leave me a comment on my blog – I hope I have been able to teach you something, help you become more productive, or made you laugh a bit.

Happy Thanksgiving ALL.

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