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Blogtipping on February 1st

Posted by: Char | Comments (5)

BlogtippingHave you ever been blog tipping? If yes, you know that it occurs on the first of each month. If not, here is how you play. Pick three blogs that you enjoyed this month and let us know who they are. Tell us three things that you like about the blog, and one constructive tip to help the blogger take the blog to the next level. And if you are wondering who came up with this crazy idea – it’s Easton at Business Blogwire.

My choices this month include:

Work At Home Blog – When Angela upgraded her blog to the new Blogger everything about her blog suddenly took on a new appeal. The positives: super clean, uncluttered layout; very useful how-to posts with tips that we can all use and understand; and links galore.

But I leave a small tip – how about a snappier header? My first impression is that it a bit text heavy.

Practical Blogging – Robyn is a whirlwind of blogging knowledge – she’s successful and experienced – and has some excellent content! The positives: great use of pages for giving us timeless info; fun widgets in the sidebar; regularly updated, cutting edge information.

A small tip - it is hard to tell where one post ends and another begins. Maybe set off your post titles in another color, bold or such.

SuccessCREEations – Apart from the fact that Chris always brings the Klondike Bars to Liz’s Open Comment Night, his blog is definitely worthy of subscription. The positives: thought-provoking posts relating to blogging and business; everything in its place – all his sidebar content is neatly organized and contained; and he has a video of the news coverage from the Blog Savannah event – you must watch it!

Even smaller tip – umm, I’m still looking…

In other news!

byobWant to join a blog network, but don’t want to give up control of your blog? Gack Ink is a new blog network that will appeal to those who love blogging. And, they are accepting submissions right now.

And I have a new gig! I joined the b5Media team today as the blogger for the Weary Parent blog. Come over and say hi – better yet, if you have kids that fall into the teen or tween age group, subscribe and join me on my daily journey into raising tweens and teens.

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Happy New Year Blogtipping Day!

Posted by: Char | Comments (9)

Go blogtipping Happy 2007 everyone! Let’s hope for a challenging, successful and happy New Year. It is the first of the month, which means it is time to go Blogtipping. This simple exercise is a must do. Here are the basics:

  • Select three blogs (could be your favorites, new favorites or new discoveries)
  • Highlight three positives about each blog
  • Give one piece of constructive criticism (that’s the tip)
  • Don’t forget to categorize or tag it as blogtipping

I have added quite a few new blogs to my daily reads over the last month. From these new blogs I have learned some, laughed some and have been made to think, too.

Sandy at

1. Sandy took a rather ho-hum list of good blogs and made it something special in her recent post called Z-Listers are Now Pic Shots.

2. Her blog has a nice variety of business related posts, review, and social networking style posts.

3. Sandy’s side bar is chock full of useful information, from who she is to where else you can read her work to the books she recommends.

My tip: Add either more white space between posts or some other visual separator. My eye has a hard time deciding where one post ends and a new one begins.

1. Andrew’s recent post called Kickstart Your Blogging Business and Make Big Money: 7 Reality Checks has to be one of the best posts I have read in a long time. Plenty of sage advice, humor and good images.

2. Andrew’s site has a nice, clean layout that makes good use of space and pages (like about, long bio and resources)

3. I like the Most Popular Posts segment in the sidebar.

My Tip: Clean up the side bar. Add some white space between sections/widgets.

Cat from Designers Who Blog

1. I love that everytime I visit this blog it has a new header featuring a different designer, photographer, illustrator, and such.

2. Cat has done a nice job on the sidebar – using more creative terms like Hungry? instead of Feed and Curious? instead of Navigation or Menu.

3. It is nice to see that Cat is back from her travels and has even alphabetized that Z-list that Sandy made into pictures.

My tip: Sorry Cat, not much to request for improvement. I am looking forward to you posting a bit more often. And yes, I know I still owe you something – will get on that soon.

So, who will you tip today?

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Blogtipping at businessblogwire.comThe first of each month is Blogtipping Day. The rules are simple, the rewards are great! In short – find three blogs you recently discovered, love, or deserve mention and write three nice things about each blog and give each blog a “tip” – meaning, a suggestion as to what they could do to make things even better.

This month I am going to feature:

Instigator Blog – Ben’s blog is a new discovery for me (thanks Liz) and I like what I see so far.

  • I particularly like his current series on Goal setting. This is something I need to revisit and if I keep reading his blog, it will eventually sink in.
  • The additional pages, About, Projects and Resources add a nice touch to the blog. They create “added-value” to the blog.
  • It has a nice, clean, easy to navigate feel to it.
  • Tip: Be the duck!

Blogpreneur - Another relatively new find that has become one of my daily stops.

  • Nice work blogtipping today!
  • I love your Happy Blogger button. I need to get me one of those (okay, I know I have to earn it)
  • Another blog that makes very good use of pages to house additional and frequently sought after information. (note to self – follow this example)
  • Tip: This is minor – consider changing the word “tags” on the sidebar to “topics”.

Blogging For Money – One good tip deserves another!

  • I love your energy and it comes across in your blog (but those aren’t ‘Burgh colors are they?)
  • Good variety of tips and commentary.
  • I like that you make it very clear as to the purpose of your blog from the start.
  • Tip: You need a snazzy header for that blog!

There you go! Another month, and three more great finds.

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