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Are You An SEO Expert? Take the Quiz

Posted by: Char | Comments (2)

When it comes to search engine optimization and really knowing how to get your site to rank well in the search engines, how much do you REALLY know? has a very comprehensive SEO Quiz that contains 75 really tough questions on SEO techniques, rules, myths and more.

SEOmoz SEO Expert Quiz

I just took the quiz and was really surprised at the results. While I thought I had a pretty good grasp on SEO standards and guidelines, some of the questions were just down right hard, and I did not score as high as I had hoped. The good thing is, I have gained valuable information from my mistakes – your answers are listed at the end with the right answer highlighted with an explanation.

SEOmoz has one of the best collections of free SEO tools – from determining the strongest page on your domain to checking backlinks. Additionally, their premium content is a must for anyone serious about SEO and SEM.  SEOmoz offers professional, step-by-step guides that will teach you all the tricks and tactics necessary to improve your site’s traffic.

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Links You Don’t Want to Miss

Posted by: Char | Comments (4)

There’s so much good information coming from talented bloggers that is sometimes hard to keep up with it all. Here are some posts worthy of sharing:

Thanks to all the web professionals who continue to share their knowledge, tips and insight so that we can all benefit!!

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Skeleton - he's free - you can use him

This is actually a post I did in October of 2006, but it is a useful tool that many of us often forget to use or don’t know exists.

While catching up on some good blogging info at MomGadget, I came across a post by Katelyn. It was about Wayback Machine and checking domains for skeletons in their closets.

The Wayback Machine is actually a very cool tool. You enter a domain name and you can go back through its archives and see what the site looked like in 1996, 1997, and every year thereafter. also has tools for finding old music, videos and other media too.

Katelyn was lamenting her difficulty in getting a certain site of hers indexed on Google. She did everything right, from what she could tell, but still no success. She checked her site on Wayback Machine and suddenly it all made sense! The entity that had the domain before her was in a totally different market from her and let’s just say, the content wasn’t rated G, PG, or even R.

In the event that something like this happens to you, you can contact Google directly and plead your case, but I doubt there are any guarantees you’ll be able to convince them.

Tip of the Day – Check Wayback Machine before you buy your domain! You might uncover some skeletons.

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