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Comments on the State of the Blogosphere

By Char

I would like to thank Gayla for pointing me to this recap on the state of the blogosphere and I’d like to thank Dave Sifry and his team at Technorati for providing us with this great information!

Some highlights from the Technorati Weblog:

  • They are currently tracking more than 57 million blogs and counting.
  • As of October 2006, about 100,000 new weblogs were created each day.
  • As of September 30, 2006 there were on average 1.3 million postings per day.
  • There is a strong correlation between the aging and post frequency of blogs and their authority and Technorati ranking.
  • Blogs continue to rise in credibility and importance in the media with 12 blogs in the top 100 media outlets.

As the blogosphere continues to mature, I think we are going to see even more blogs playing an even stronger role in the media, whether it be mainstream new publications or business and trade journals. For companies who have not gotten on the blog bandwagon, now is a good time to seriously look into it.

I also think that some one can make a mint if they can figure out how to create an effective too for combatting spam, splogs, spings and other urchins of the web!

The entire report is well worth the read, especially if you are a stats junkie like me!

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I think blogging is the best way to reach customers. There are so many options for syndication, it seems to have almost limitless potential!



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Those are impressive stats. I had no clue about the number of blogs already existing. And 100.000 created each day? That’s amazing.

Thanks for sharing this info.



100,000 a day? WOW

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