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Compare Fonts with Typetester

By Char

I was Stumbling through the web when I found a really useful tool for anyone who designs, maintains or tweaks web sites. The site is Typetester.


With Typetester you enter some sample text then choose up to three different font, size, color, leading, alignment, background color, and decoration combinations. The results of your selections are displayed side by side for you to compare.

File this one away in your bookmarks! It is one of the more useful sites I have discovered lately and it can be a real time saver.

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I always find such useful tools at your site, Char – - this really rocks. Bookmarked it – thank you! :)


Thanks Lisa – it is a really useful tool. I can’t wait to take a peek at your new book next time I’m at Borders!!


Typography is a lost art. There actually used to be a profession known as “typographer”.

That artform is all but gone, sad to say. Great artists and designers like Herb Libalin, Tom Carnase, and Milton Glaser.


Bookmarked too. Thanks Char! I’ll test it out later, and I hope you’re well.


Wow — another bookmarker here. Thanks!


I’m not a designer but the site looks really interesting. I’m going to bookmark it, thanks.


TypeTester is one of my favs, too… in the time that I’ve been using it, the lists of fonts has changed quite a bit, though. Must be because the OS’s have been changing.

I recently came across this site, too: Thinking With Type. Not exactly a tool, but it’s a typeface-lover’s dream.

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