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Cool Tool Review – GoTo Meeting

By Char

GoToMeeting - Online Meetings Made EasyI am working on a project for a local government client right now and needed to confer with the database programmer. He wanted to be able to show me what he was doing and why for each of the database fields and some other things going on the background. We used a tool called GoToMeeting and I was able to see what was on the programmer’s screen while he was working on it.

I logged in, did a short registration and download process, the programmer gave me a session ID and within minutes we were doing collaborative work even though our offices are about 60 miles apart.  We could have used the GoTo Meeting chat, but chose to use Skype for the dialog instead. It was just easier to talk things through.

I was viewing his screen real time and I could actually “control” the mouse and point out different things on his screen. I was able to suggest changes and see the results immediately. 

We could have had up to 10 people in our meeting – think of the potential! This tool would be very useful for a sales presentation, brainstorming sessions and other online collaborations.

PS – Yes, the links in this review are affiliate links, but this is a tool I use and I highly recommend. It comes with a free trial and is very reasonably priced (less than $50 per month).



You could use RealVNC – It’s 100% free for the Personal Edition.

All you need to do is obtain his IP address and connect.

He would need the server installed and you would need the client.

I found your blog from TechZ’s :)


Shaun – thanks for stopping by! I’ll have to check out that tool. I love finding new ways to make my work/life easier.


I would not recommend this product or even sell it as I think your charge backs will outweigh the effort involved to drive traffic to the links.

I tried these guys “FREE” demo. I did not like the program at all and canceled. 6 months later, I am still trying to get them to stop billing me for 10 machines!

Now I use logme in ( which I love and after using the free edition, have conciously decided to upgrade to the highest package (and then get billed) not the other way round goto meeting guys!

And no I don’t work there, and the link is not an affiliate link. I just get really bummed with companies that over promise and under deliver and then when you try to get hold of them, they are never available and never get back to your e-mails…

In my opinion,

1. Drop them as an affiliate
2. And if you are looking for RPC (Remote PC) software, try the truly free versions first before making a buying decision. (Real VNC, Logme in are both good)

Sorry to rain on your blog parade, but I just feel I need to share my experiences with these GoToMeeting monkeys.

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