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Cool Tool Review – You Send It

By Char

YouSendItDid you know that the standard ISP email inbox only allows you to send or receive file attachments of 10MB or less? If you have a large file (up to 100MB) to send to someone, you are stuck, unless you use one of the free file transfer services that are now available. My hands-down favorite is YouSendIt.

YouSendIt has been around longer that YouTube and people have used it to share videos, large PowerPoint files, photos and more over 400,000 million times. YouSendIt offers its basic file transfer service FREE and you don’t have to register or leave any personal information with them. If you do want their premium services, they have three paid plans to serve your needs.

So, how does it work? So simple.

  1. Enter the recipient’s email address
  2. Enter your email address and a note if you’d like
  3. Attach the file you wish to send
  4. Hit send!

The recipient of your email will receive a link that takes them to the YouSendIt site and allows them to download the file you sent. They have 7 days to retrieve the file or YouSendIt sends it packing.

There are other similar services such as Send This File, Dropload and FilesDirect, but YouSendIt gets my recommendation.

They even have a corporate blog (YouSendIt blog), which will make Easton happy.

PS – This is not a paid endorsement! It is just my personal recommendation about a product I use frequently in my business.



I needed to send a full demo CD to a friend and it was too big for Gmail. I thought I would have to use snail mail until he directed me to Yousendit. The site worked fine.


You can try out 2large2email ( as well. It offers file transfers of up to 2gb in size, and is easy and convenient to use.

3 also does the job for free.

Plus, its professional enough to send to clients in the marketing world.


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