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Creating a Website Marketing Plan: Step 3 – Create Strategy

By Char

Preface: For those of you just joining us, this is part three of a five-part series I will be doing this week. Throughout this series I will refer to websites as a general term, as all of these concepts and strategies hold true whether your website is a static brochure, informational site, blog, online store or other form of website.


In steps 1 and 2 of creating your marketing plan you defined your site’s purpose and set some goals. In step 3 you need to lay out a strategy for achieving those goalsafter all, your site isn’t going to grow all by itself. You will need to do some research and some trial and error to figure out what methods work best for you, but here are some ideas.

Search Engine Optimization and Submission

Take some time going through your site and make sure you are using standard search engine optimization techniques (Self SEO has great tips) and hand submit your site to the major search engines (some say this isn’t necessary – I say it can’t hurt).

Keep Your Content Fresh

Your site will get indexed more efficiently and visitors are more apt to come back if they see that your site has regularly updated information on it.

Social Networking

Posting comments on relevant blogs and getting involved in discussion boards/forums is a great way to get the word out about your site. The key is to get involved in a meaningful way. Don’t just spam. When leaving comments on blogs, add to the conversation. Forums can be an excellent way to boost traffic, establish yourself as someone in the know, and to network. Again, do so with the attitude of giving more than you get and you’ll be happier with the outcome. (Great article on Using Forums to Promote Your Website)

Traditional Advertising

Depending on the type of site you have and/or the product you are selling, don’t forget traditional advertising vehicles. At a minimum, you want to make sure you have your web address on your email signature, your business cards, and printed collateral. Newspaper, magazine, radio and TV spots may be worthwhile too; you just need to know your audience.

New Media Advertising

Is a pay per click campaign just what the doctor ordered? Maybe, maybe not. From link exchanges, banner ads, Adwords, Overture, and affiliate campaigns, it just depends on what you are trying to accomplish with your site. If you choose these options, be sure to allow sufficient time for them to work. Many companies abandon marketing campaigns before they have had sufficient time to be successful. Do your research!

You will need to prioritize your tasks and allocate the proper time and monetary allowances, then get ready to work your plan. Tomorrow we will focus on working the plan, because you are ultimately the one who must put the wheels in motion.

In the meantime, here are two posts I have recently read that add to the concept of marketing your business and your website:



Hey Char – Thanks for including me on your list. This is a great series — really good stuff here.


Thanks Tony! Stay tuned for parts four and five.


I love your blog by the way, I am gonna have to add you to my list of watched blogs.
Alex Bell

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