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Creating a Website Marketing Plan: Step 4 – Work Your Plan

By Char

Preface: For those of you just joining us, this is part four of a five-part series I will be doing this week. Throughout this series I will refer to websites as a general term, as all of these concepts and strategies hold true whether your website is a static brochure, informational site, blog, online store or other form of website.


Step 4 of creating a website marketing plan is kind of like embarking on a diet or other life enriching activity – you may know what to do, but if you don’t work on it, nothing will come of it! You have defined your purpose, set goals, created a strategy and now you have to follow through and work the plan.

There are many tools available to help you stay on track, but you have to actually use them. Find the tool that fits your personal productivity style and use it.

David Seah has some wonderful printable task planning sheets available for download. These can help you allocate time and resources for your marketing tasks throughout the day/week/month.  Some tasks will need to be done daily and others weekly or monthly. Pencil them in on your calendar for the entire month and they will be less likely to be forgotten.

Another method is to look at your week and set certain tasks to occur on certain days. Maybe you spend 30 minutes on Mondays planning your posts or news for the week, Tuesday’s marketing time is spent reviewing and tweaking affiliate and other monetization links, and so on. If you have multiple sites, you may want to set aside different days for different sites or similar activities for all sites on the same day. Whatever works for you!

Hold yourself accountable and keep track of your progress. You’ll need to have this information ready for tomorrow’s post: Step 5 – Take Stock and Reassess.




Great point about holding yourself accountable. Good web marketing takes a lot of time and effort. Natural off-page SEO should have a long-term focus. We’ve found that a lot of companies get frustrated when they don’t see the immediate short-term results they can achieve with PP and give up too soon.

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