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Creating a Website Marketing Plan: Step 5 – Take Stock and Reassess

By Char

Preface: For those of you just joining us, this is the final installment of a five-part series I have been doing this week. Throughout this series I will refer to websites as a general term, as all of these concepts and strategies hold true whether your website is a static brochure, informational site, blog, online store or other form of website.


How do you know if your plan is working?  Periodically you have to step back, evaluate and reassess your methods.

One of the most frequently made mistakes in small business is not giving your marketing efforts enough time to work. These things take time. You are not going to get indexed on all the search engines overnight. You are not going to build a newsletter subscription list overnight. You will not sell 100,000 mega-niche widgets overnight, either.

Set a schedule for reassessment. Check in on your results monthly, do a bit of tweaking along the way and look for patterns. Most marketing efforts take a good 3-6 months to really do their job. Look at your plan and results after 6 months. What is working? What is not? Have you learned some new tricks along the way?  Use your orignal marketing plan (you know, the one you have been creating with me this week) as a first draft. Revise and re-implement.

Continue your cycle of assessment, revision and implementation every 6 months or so. Over time you may discover that you only need to do a major revision yearly. Again, these variables ultimately depend on your website and its goals.

P.S. I really hope this series was useful and that it will help you achieve greater success in your business!  I am going to be adding this article in its entirety at my 30 Second Commute web site. If you wish to use the article on your site, credit it properly.

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