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Cyber Monday – Is It Real or Hype?

By Char

Black Friday has been the term that officially kicks of the holiday shopping season for years, but I have heard more about Cyber Monday this year than ever before.

The National Retail Federation even set up a site specifically for Cyber Monday and based on the flurry of emails (okay, call it an avalanche) in my inbox today advertising Cyber Monday deals, retailers are hoping for big sales numbers today. But is this real or just more marketing hype from retailers trying to secure holiday sales early? has a great article today and they seem to think that Cyber Monday is more of a myth than reality.

I suspect that many people are just now formulating their plans and are doing lots of Window shopping at this point. It seems to me that there are a lot of procrastinators out there who will be waiting it out and looking for those last minute deals from desperate businesses.

I’d love to get your take! Are you a merchant? Do you feel the Cyber Monday love? Are you a shopper? Do you have all your shopping done or will you wait for the last minute?


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