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Do you Twitter?

By Char

TwitterMore and more I am hearing about people using the online service Twitter, which is a way to communicate with friends, family and associates through short conversations of 140 characters or less.

From what I have been hearing, many of the top bloggers are no longer reading RSS feeds and are getting more out of Twitter. Darren Rowse of must feel like it is worth it – he has posted two excellent Twitter articles this week:

What I want to know is, do you Twitter and have you found it to be beneficial to your overall networking?

Part of me is dying to try it and part of me feels like it will be one more distraction – so which part of me do I listen to?

UPDATE: I jumped into the Twitter pond! Tweet me.

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Absolutely, I have met more local bloggers and have read more interesting sites because of it.

I have watched “startups” get launched through its viral marketing affect. (everyone gets nosey when they see something buzzing)


I don’t follow enough people at the moment and even less follow me, but I’m still partly addicted to Twitter right now. I am finding interesting new stuff when people post links and I can see how interesting conversations start up.

Give it a go!


Darren just made another post about Twitter, lol (35 Twitter Tips: )

I have been very curious about it, but haven’t been quite sure how to best use it, without it eating up all of my time. I do have an account, and setup – it automatically makes a twitter every time I make a blog post.

Other than that I have not actually used it yet, though. I think I need to get on it already, but I don’t want it to be a major time suck, since I’m so limited on time as it is…


Even though I am often an early adopter when it came to Twitter I let that one go through to the keeper.

The reason was that 99% of my clients can’t be found in Twitter-ers. As small business women who are struggling just to get the most out of their everyday technology and finding enough time just to run the business, they just don’t find Twitter to be important enough to follow.

I DO believe that there are benefits to it but just not with my or my clients at the moment.


I’m liking twitter – a lot of people twitter amusing links they’ve found which helps you find unusual content faster and more efficiently. I also use it to send out really short thoughts that are too trivial for a blog post – which I think keeps my blog focused on longer thoughts.


I love twitter and in my niche, I am usually the 1st one to bring Twitter into the marketing mix, so I have been reaping the benefits of several new followers a day…all in my niche. I must say I love Twitter very much! If anyone is interested, they can follow me on Twitter…I’m teasastips.

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