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Dreamweaver for Designers – DVD Giveaway

By Char

Dreamweaver for Designers - Class on DemandUPDATE: Congratulations to Linette! You are the winner!

In the fall, I was sent a copy of Sue Jenkins’ Dreamweaver for Designers training DVD to review. I was really interested in giving it a look, since I have been using Dreamweaver to build websites since 1998.

The Class on Demand self-paced instructional DVD is ideal for beginners and intermediate users looking to learn Dreamweaver. Class on Demand Dreamweaver for Designers takes students through the fundamentals of web site and application creation for users of Dreamweaver MX 2004 all the way through Dreamweaver CS3.

Topic highlights include:

  • Dreamweaver Environment Understanding the application layout and learning the basic navigation flow to structuring the web site.
  • Implementing Graphics Mocking layouts in Photoshop.
  • Understanding size and file types.
  • Creating slices.
  • Creating Web Pages Inserting images, creating hyperlinks, adding tables, creating style sheets and inserting comments into Dreamweaver code.
  • Building Navigation Menus Structuring navigation menus, building button, rollovers and image maps.
  • Incorporate media objects.
  • Working with Layers and Templates Create and work with templates.
  • Understand server-side workings.

I have finished looking over the DVD and found it useful (even to an advanced user). Rather than keep it for myself, I would like to give one of my readers the opportunity to learn more about Dreamweaver! I am giving away one copy of Dreamweaver for Designers to a random commenter.

To be eligible to win all you need to do is leave me a comment on this post telling me what software you use for web design and why. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate. If you are already a Dreamweaver user, tell me what you like or dislike about it. You can also post about the giveaway for an additional entry (but that is not required).

The contest will end midnight EST on February 1, 2008.

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i don’t design anymore because with windows vista i have to find a whole bunch of new programs compatible but I want to go back to designing however it is hard with all the new programs so I have my assistant doing it. Before I used to code everything by hand and use Paint Shop Pro 7 for all the image splicing however I want to get back into design I feel so inept and I used dreamweaver once before and it wasn’t half bad I think a tutorial on how to use it would be helpful!


Cool! Count me in! I love Dreamweaver, next to WordPress, of course.


I use mainly Dreamweaver CS3 and I really like it overall being able to see both the code and the design in 1 view. However I do a majority of my html coding by hand now and also do a lot of php coding work so I use phpEdit for my work as well.


Most of my development is done in Notepad as I hack through my themes to tweak them. I’ve been dying to do more indepth Web design.


I’ve been learning code and using Dreamweaver for about two months now. A good friend of mine is helping me along the way, and I must say it’s pretty fun, and so far easy to use. But I know I’m only using a fraction of its capabilities.


I’ve been using Dreamweaver for the past 8 years. Before that it was either MS Frontpage or hard-coding in Notepad. I’m glad I found Dreamweaver! It’s so much easier to use, and it keeps getting better and better. :)


I tend to use CSS Edit, Coda, illustrator, and Photoshop. I have never spent enough time with dreamweaver, but I hope to.


(This won’t count as a double entry :)

Next to Dreamweaver is a the stripped down version equivalent called Homesite (version 4.5?)

It’s very simple with your 3 basic views (tabs)

If you have a very old laptop, this program is best for making quick changes on the fly.

@Cigar Jack – yes, Notepad works too!


I really need to have this DVD . I am learning designing . Dreamweaver is coolest tool . I hope you will send me one copy
You have great blog
thank you


I’ve just been using notepad, and some freebie online designers. I’m planning on taking the plunge and buying Dreamweaver in the next couple weeks, so this DVD would be an awesome addition.


Hey Char,

Thanks for all your great posts on your blog, and a special “yeah!” for the great review you gave of my Dreamweaver for Designers DVD.

What sets this DVD apart from others on the market is that mine presumes no prior knowledge of Dreamweaver or HTML, and yet it’s full of information, tips, and shortcuts that even a seasoned designer like yourself can learn from.

Would you be willing to post a copy of your review on the DVD’s product page on Amazon? My hopes are that through this DVD I can teach as many people as possible to use this amazing program.

By the way, I’ve just finished filming a new Training DVD on Photoshop which should be released sometime in April or May 2008! Keep up the great blog!

– Sue Jenkins, Adobe Certified Expert/Adobe Certified Instructor, Instructor in ClassOnDemand’s Dreamweaver For Designers DVD.


hello – i’ve been a print and video designer for the last 8 years and have been afraid of the web coding and scripting process – i think sue’s dvds would be the perfect stepping stone to become a more complete designer – thanks


I use Dreamweaver 100% of the time. I started about 2 years ago with just building a site for my sister’s local business – – I am pleased with what I have done, but I am so ready to go to the next level – being self taught on the program with a couple of OK training videos from How-2-Gurus, I would love going to the next level with a better program.

About a month ago, I discovered the joys of layers! WAHOO – I thought – this is the coolest thing! I am sure that I have many more WAHOOs to discover with the new CS3 – can’t wait to start learning more!

By the way, just a note on what a small world the addition of the internet makes! I moved to my present location near Ft Campbell, KY 4 years ago, after living my entire life in the Fairfax, VA area. Funny to come across one of your website when I was looking for design ideas for my daughters gymnastics center. I found your site and have followed your blog ever sense! I know your not in Northern VA, but seeing all the names of local gymnastics businesses was cool to see when I found you! Love your blog – please don’t ever stop!


I was just looking for self teaching help in web development and found this site and I would look forward to entering a contest for the Dreamweaver DVD.
I have access to Dreamweaver (at my job) but I do not know how to use it since it is currently not part of my job requirements.
I have taught myself HTML and I have used MS FrontPage. Ultimately I want to go from Graphic design to web development

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