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Essential Keystrokes Birthday Bash Week Prizes

By Char

Essential BirthdayLike I said Friday, I have a habit of celebrating all of my birthdays for at least a week – and my blogging birthday will be no different. So far I have five fun prizes to give away on Friday – granted, they are not as big as Problogger or John Chow’s cool giveaways, but they are fun, nonetheless. And, if you happen to have a product, gadget, service or similar that you think my readers would love to get as a prize, and you are willing to donate it, let me know and we’ll expand the prize party!

The Prizes

Blog MarketingBlog Marketing, by Jeremy Wright

B5Media president Jeremy Wright has donated a copy of his book, Blog Marketing, for our birthday bash. Thanks to Gayla at MomGadget for helping coordinate this. Anyhow, Jeremy’s book is written to help businesses understand blogging and how the two way conversation that blogging allows, will help them engage their audience, customers, and consumers more effectively.

Blogging TipsBlogging Tips -What Bloggers Won’t Tell You About Blogging, by Lorelle VanFossen

Returning to the basics, Lorelle VanFossen has put together hundreds of the tips you need to know before you start blogging, and after, in Blogging Tips, What Bloggers Won’t Tell You About Blogging. Even as a professional web designer and having used WordPress for almost a year, I was amazed at how much I learned from Lorelle’s book.

Do You QDo You Q? Dates and Friends versions – I will give these out as separate giveaways.

Last week at Liz Strauss’ Open Comment Night, she had a guest host – Mitch Matthews. Not only was Mitch a great host, it was through his hosting that we learned about a fun product he has created called “Do You Q?” Aside from it’s intended use as a conversation ice breaker/game, I can see these fun decks of questions as being the perfect solution to blogger’s block! Thanks Mitch for donating these, too!

iTunes Gift Certificate for $24.95

I don’t think this prize needs any explanation other than it’s just fun! Think of it as my birthday present to one lucky winner!

UPDATE: This just in!  Phil Gerbyshak would like to share 5 copies of his e-book, 10 Ways to Make it Great! with my readers. So add them to the prize vault!

How to Enter to Win

Basically, this is just too easy! All you have to do is link to one of my posts between now and midnight EDT on Friday, June 29. You can link to ANY of my posts – feel free to check out the archives to find one you may have missed, or link to one that I post this week. In addition, leave me a comment and tell me which prize(s) you would like to win if your name is drawn at random on Saturday.

As the entries come in, I will write down your name on a little slip of paper and place it in the container for each of the prizes. Saturday morning one of my lovely assistants will help by drawing names out of the containers and I will post and contact the winners.

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Thanks for including me in your wonderful set of prizes and thanks for the kind words. What a great idea, too!


Some books there I’d like to read, Char. As Lorelle said, great idea with the birthday competition!


Lorelle – it is only fitting that I feature your book as a prize! You were the first to respond when I had first switched to WP and had a problem – I could have certainly used your book early on!

David – I’m glad you are here for the party. I know you would love the books!


Hey, Congrats on the birthday! Turns out EK and MZM are siblings!

I’m constantly amazed when I find out how short a time folks have been blogging. Surprising how much you can learn in just a year, isn’t it? Especially once you’ve found your “voice” and write with it.

Many more to you, Char!


Hmmm … reading a book or 12 episodes of The Office on my iPod … I’m gunning for the iTunes card. Fun stuff Char.


Robert – fun isn’t it! And, yes, I cannot even begin to believe how much I have learned in one year.

Aaron – there’s the spirit – go for the entertainment!

Contest Blogger – thanks for the link. I was going to leave you a comment, but didn’t see anyway of doing so.


Congrats on the milestone, Char. Some great prizes here, and a cool way to celebrate.


This is like bobbing for apples except you don’t risk drowning in an old washtub.

Happy Birthday; I just linked to your post “Found on My Desk,” in which you discuss your favorite CSS resource.

Back to bobbing. What I really would like is that cake in your picture but since it’s only a picture, let me next bob for either Lorelle’s book or the iTunes gift certificate.

Thank you for a fun activity.


Tony – thanks for all your inspiration and support this year! Your blog is still one of my all time favorites!

Katie – love the metaphor! Lorelle’s book is an awesome resource. Thanks for joining the party and have as much cake as you like.


I’ll join in the competition too. ;)

I’ve linked here and to your blog evolution post (the more the merrier).


This contest is promising! I would like to join in this event! I will create a post for you. You have a nice Idea here, Char! :D


Blog marketing is my first choice BUT I just love winning anything:)


Happy Blog Birthday Char!! I added this to my list of giveaways today as well as linked to your wordpress archive (lots of stuff there) and an article in your work from home section. :)


Congratulations, Char… many more bloggiversaries to come


Char, Congrats. I’d like to offer a copy of my autobiography I’ll Do It Myself as a prize.


Does linking to this post count? hee hee


I’m in too. Happy 1st blogbirthday. I’ve linked, and if I win, the Do you Q friends book sounds pretty damn good.


Wow – congrats :) I’m writing about you as we … ok, as I type :)


Hi Char

Happy Blogging Birthday!

I’ve gate-crashed your bash with this post:


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