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Essential Mac Tools – Monk At Work Style

By Char

essential toolsOne of the blogs I discovered while riding the Technorati train, is Adam Kayce’s Monk at Work. Adam’s goal is to not only help you get things done, but get the right things done. How? By helping you develop your intuition, increase your productivity, and deepen your spiritual connection. Dogma-free.

Adam is a die-hard Mac lover – even after having to “make do” with a Dell PC for a time. He is sharing his favorite tools for productivity while working on an iMac G5. Since I have one of those in my office, I am really excited to get some new ideas!

Camino: an OSX version of Firefox, it’s tighter, cleaner, and faster (so they say).

Curio: Adam’s go-to program for all kinds of tasks; planning, some graphic work, project management, etc. He loves it, and highly recommends it!

Fireworks: Adam’s graphics solution. From Macromedia, the Dreamweaver people. (Right here with you on this Adam – I have been using Fireworks and Dreamweaver since version 1.0)

Mellel: word processing. Adam uses TextEdit for most things, but Mellel is what he uses to write books and handouts for classes.

Quicksilver: a launcher, and then some. Some people like LaunchBar (he used to) and others like Butler (never tried it). Quicksilver is lean, gorgeous, and if Merlin Mann swears by it, it’s gotta be pretty good.

TextExpander: Talk about a productivity booster and finger saver! Allows you to program “snippets” that automatically expand when you type them. For example, if Adam types “akM”, it instantly becomes “Adam Kayce : Monk At Work”. This one alone will save you hours — and it even keeps track of how much time it’s saving you!

VolumeLogic plug-in for iTunes: If you’re a music lover, this is a fantastic plug-in; it boosts the sound levels of your iTunes music to sound as if you’re right there in the studio (or stadium). Last Adam checked, it was disabled by iTunes 7, so he’s running iTunes 6 still… but it’d be worth checking to see if they’ve got the bugs worked out. He listens to music constantly while working, so this is a 24/7 bonus.

CSSEdit: An indispensible tool for working with CSS; CSSEdit is the cleanest, easiest to use CSS editor he’s ever seen. (I may have to check that one out!)

There you have it Mac fans! How do you like Adam’s selection? Even if you are not a Mac user, go check out Monk at Work – there’s lots of good stuff there.

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Wow — it’s like seeing my name in lights!

Thanks, Char.


Your welcome Adam. Thanks for sharing some Mac tools with us today.


No wonder hes a Mac user Dell does this to everyone!

Seriously never use a dell, it would make you turn to Mac.
If you ever think of leaving windows use Linux :D , I don’t like apple.


Great toolbox! I know a lot of Mac users I’ll be passing this on to :)


Hey Mike — I’ve never actually used Linux, to tell you the truth. But I was weaned on Mac… we had an old Ace Franklink (an Apple IIe knockoff) growing up, and then I went to a Mac Classic and a first-gen power pc on the way out of college.

The Dell was a stop-over in pc land; oy. It worked, just not that well.

Needless to say, I’m happy to be back in Appleland. :-)


Hmmm! More Mac tools. I should check the ones I’m not familiar with out. Thanks!


The CSSEdit tool looks like it could be an interesting one, thanks. Anyone tried it?


Okay, it’s me again, but… ;-)

I know Dawud Miracle (who’s blog I ‘met’ Char through) uses it, and I’ve seen little “CSSEdit” badges at quite a few sites out there. I’m pretty sure MacWorld gave it 4 or 4.5 mice, or something…

Here’s the CSSEdit page: , so you can check it out yourself (and no, I’m not an affiliate or anything ;-) , I just dig it).



I don’t like Mac because of one reason… games.

But since I’ve grown up and my priorities drastically have changed, I’m now force to switch to Mac because of my work. Well… convince me more. I’m still enjoying windows and ubuntu. haha


Well, from what I’ve seen, Macs rarely need convincing — just exposure.

But not every taste satisfies every customer; you might just be happier elsewhere. No worries. ;-)


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Thanks for the post. I’m an avid MAC lover and hopeful converter. I’m always telling my designer friends that Mac’s ARE the best! I am off to check out the links!


Jo – thanks for stopping in! What are your favorite Mac tools or utilities?


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Great post! I’ll have to link to you in my next update Must Have Mac Apps post.

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