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Essential Tools According to Dan and Jennifer

By Char

Essential Tools for Online SuccessEssential Tools is a regular series where I invite other Internet professionals to share their secret weapons of success with my readers. As a matter of fact, today’s feature is #31 – and I am happy to introduce Dan and Jennifer of and

Dan and Jennifer’s essential tools for online success are:

WordPress – Your blog platform is an essential tool for every blogger, and a major pain if you need to switch later. WordPress is highly customizable and flexible, and here’s a big tip – it can also be configured to be very SEO friendly with the right know-how. This is not generally the case with the other blogging platforms. Although it’s not as easy to set up and go as is, in the long run you’ll be glad you did. We started www.BlogSuccessJournal to help bloggers get a blog set up right (on WordPress) and then grow it effectively.

YouTube – Our You Tube channel ( ) actually gets more monthly views than our blog at this point. :-) . Of course this results in a direct increase in blog traffic as well.

BUT the true value is the visibility you get – not only to the millions of people on YouTube every day, but to all the TV producers scouring YouTube for the best talent. We’ve already been on a Television show recently as a result of our YouTube videos, are already booked for a second one, and have been approached by many other TV producers, as well as newspaper and radio shows.

Additional tools that allow us to be successful on YouTube: a decent video camera (this can be cheap too – but it needs an external microphone input), a good microphone (lappelle microphones work best), and proper lighting (this is huge, do it right; go to a photography/video supply store and see what they recommend). Video editing software is also key. We absolutely love Pinnacle Studio for editing videos. It’s fairly easy to learn and comparatively inexpensive.

Social Media Websites like, which sends tons of free traffic that actually clicks on ads – unlike some of the other more techie communities like Digg. Social media sites are also great for SEO and just for getting your message out there in front of a very large audience.

ClickBank – This is the best resource for highly converting affiliate products. Although they do not provide metrics (i.e. number of clicks you sent them), you can see which products are making the most money for other affiliates to give you an idea about what’s converting best in your niche.

Our new Virtual Assistant – She helps us by submitting articles on our behalf and performing many other online repetitive tasks and busy work so that our brains are freed up to focus on the creative stuff, which is what truly differentiates you. Working smarter, not harder…

It is no wonder Dan and Jennifer have found success online! They have done the research, testing, and have fantastic content.

What are your tools for online success? Let us know!  

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Some great tips. The only thing Id add is Firefox


Sujan – Firefox is a definite must-have!! Thanks for stopping in today.


I think that WordPress is by far the best blogging platform today. Combined with the community and consistent security upgrades, there is really no reason to use anything else :) .


One of the tools I cannot live without is Google Alert. Excellent way to keep track of who’s talking about you (good and bad) and also to spot trends and spy on your competitors ;-)

Oops, make it two. With the proliferation of blogs, you can’t miss out feed readers. The one I am using is FeedDemon. Neat way to aggregate posts and prevent yourself from drowning in information overflow.

Agreed, Dan and Jennifer have made their presence felt.

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