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Essential Tools – Alex Shalman Style

By Char

Essential ToolsAlex Shalman, known for his Practical Personal Development site, is today’s Essential Tools feature.  Alex is a full-time student, working on his Masters Degree, and his passion for personal development is evident in every aspect of his writing. His most popular posts include Seven Questions that will Change your Life,  How to Make Everything the Bright Side, and The One Decision that will Change Your Life.

Alex’s Essential Tools for Success in his own words:

Microsoft Outlook and OneNote – This great little tool that integrates both my personal and work e-mails allowing me to respond as quickly and effortlessly as possible. In addition, Outlook provides me with a great place to store my contacts and calender entries.

Ever have anything important to right down? I do, and I trust OneNote to store everything I need. This application provides tabbed browsing, categories, folders and search features. In addition, you can set passwords up on choice pages in order to maintain maximum privacy for your most private writing. I never journal without it!

Olympus Digital Voice Recorder – Whether I’m recording a lecture in school, or making a ‘note to self’ while driving, I’m never found without this tool. This is my secret to never losing a great idea! You would be surprised how many ideas you get, and then forget, while being in the most obscure locations and doing the oddest things.

Firefox – The only way to browse. Between cocomment, pagerank, alexa rank, and a myriad of other little plugins, I use Firefox for all my browsing needs.

Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver – My number one choice for image editing. If you see something sparkly or shiny on my site, chances are I used Photoshop to edit it. Dreamweaver is the way I edit and upload all the code and images
that I like to fidget with on the site.

These are my essentials, that I basically use on a daily basis. Keeping me connected, updated, and creative.

Thanks to Alex for sharing his favorite tools! What’s in your essential toolbox?

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Thanks for sharing the Alex Shalman Style (A.S.S.) Tool set Char… lol! =)

You did it on purpose. don’t lie! hehe


Too funny Alex – only you would notice that! Thanks again for sharing your favorites with us.


OneNote is really good, but I have found EverNote to be a great free alternative. It’s light-weight and portable and it has become my day to day note-taking app.

What about using a service like Jott instead of a voice recorder? I don’t use either, but it seems that it may save you some typing time.

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