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Essential Tools – Bloggertunity Style

By Char

Essential ToolsThis week my Essential Tools series is featuring a blogger, Jennifer Hadorn, who has come to my rescue recently and frequently helps others out at the MomGadget forum with her knowledge and ideas.

Jennifer Hadorn blogs at Bloggortunity and Women Discuss. When I posted a call for readers to participate in this series, Jennifer was one of the first to volunteer. Her top three essential tools are:

  • Paint Shop Pro – Jennifer uses PSP nearly every day and as far as she is concerned, it was worth the $50 she spent on it. She used the free trial for a month and then plunked down the cash on it. It has many of the same features as Photoshop at a much lower cost.
  • Feedburner and RSS feeds – Jennifer has all the sites she visits stamped on her Google homepage so she doesn’t have to visit site after site to check on job listings and news stories. I can tell at a glance if there’s new info for me to read. She uses Feedburner as a subscription tool for my readers. It has been an invaluable tool for broadcasting her blogs to outerspace.
  • 1st Page by Evrsoft – This is Jennifer’s one and only HTML editing tool and she has been using for years. They have a free version and a paid version.

Jennifer has a great deal of knowledge and is more than willing to share it – stop by her blogs and say hi – you may learn something in the process.

What’s in your toolbox? Leave me a comment and let me know what keeps your online world moving. Would you like to be featured? Just drop me a line and let me know.



PSP I’ve never gotten on well with that program it really isn’t as flexible as Adobe photoshop, I’m a fan of the CS versions you really cant beat Photoshop for professional work.
My feeds has to include feedburner fabulous tool for giving out your feeds.
For my web development I did use code view on dreamweaver, but now i use notepad++ which is a open source application brilliant i recommend you give t a try.
But the best one i have to say is XAMPP brilliant tool for your at home web server includes a admin panel the lot!


Mike – thanks for stopping in ! I love hearing about what tools others are using. I personally use Fireworks daily and love Dreamweaver. I do have Adobe CS2 on my Mac and do use it, but more for print than anything else.


Fireworks i used the trial of that still can’t match up to photoshop but comparing the prices your get more for your buck with photoshop and at the price of it you make the most of it lol!


Mike – I am also a firm believer in it’s all what you get used to. Fireworks and Dreamweaver have come hand in hand for years and I am very comfortable using them both. I also find I use different graphics programs depending on what I need them to do at the time.


Some good links here! :) Thank you for sharing. I also use feedburner and I jump between a few different feed readers like bloglines and newsgator. I should probably just keep them all in one place like a google page

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