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Essential Tools – Developer Resources

By Char

Essential ToolsOkay, I screwed up! I thought I had a few more individuals for my Wednesday feature in my drafts folder, but I didn’t. So, I will feature a new guest next week, but for today, I will share some of my essential developer resources with you instead.

For beginners:

If you are just starting out with this whole HTML thing, there are a few great places to get the basics in plain English – not techno-speak. Basic HTML is essential for bloggers who want to be able to work with templates, add sidebar items, and jazz up their posts.

  • Lissa Explains It All – Don’t let the first page throw you off. Her site says it is HTML Help for Kids, but for anyone who wants the basics in terms they can understand, this site rocks.
  • Digital Inspiration – There is a post called Useful HTML Tricks for Bloggers that is perfect for bloggers and new web developers. Again, it is in terms we can all understand – complete with examples. Digital Inspiration has great tips and how to’s on a regular basis. Just subscribe!


Know just enough to be dangerous? Then these sites are for you.

  • The People’s Toolbox – This site is just what it says, a toolbox for Web designers. From color picking tools, to cool rounded corners in CSS, to fun widgets, you can find so much information on this site.
  • W3 Schools – Need a few tutorials? W3 Schools has tutorials, examples, references and quizzes in basic HTML all the way up to server side scripting.
  • CSS ZenGarden – Want to see the true power of CSS in action? ZenGarden unleashes creativity and simplicity in a unique resource and gallery site.


Really have a stumper of a question or need to find a rare utility? Be sure to save these resources.

And for all levels of ability and good to have around, don’t forget Lorelle on WordPress and A List Apart.

Now I know this is far from an exhaustive list! Have a favorite Developer Resource? Please share it with us so we can all add it to our toolboxes.



Thanks for the comment at one reader, Char – your blog is full of great ideas. You are clearly a great resource on the path of blogging – thank you


You are most welcome Bob! Being successful is no fun by yourself – you have to share what you know.


Thanks Char for sharing! Wonderful progression of websites – the right websites for the right people. ;) I think intermediate is right for me.

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