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Essential Tools – eMoms At Home Style

By Char

Essential ToolsEssential Tools is back this week with some lesser known, but oh, so powerful tools that are used by Wendy Piersall of eMoms At Home. In an effort to better serve her readers and to maximize the monetary potential of her blog, Wendy just took her site through a major overhaul and it is working better than ever for her! If ever there was a time for you to put down your coffee and pay attention – that time is now!

Wendy’s favorites:

  • OpenAds is a free ad serving program that Wendy has recently installed on her hosting server. She can now do split testing on almost every ad she runs and see what people are most interested in clicking. It also offers geotargeting, something previously unavailable to her as a publisher (and very handy for professionals that do business locally). All this helps to serve up more relevant ads – and also more relevant content when she knows what readers are most interested in purchasing.
  • Professional Cart Solutions run all of Wendy’s lead generation and auto-responder email campaigns. It’s not free ($80/month) and takes a while to set up, but then it runs on it’s own and gathers and grows her mailing list maintenance-free.
  • FireFTP Firefox FTP extension – Wendy loves Firefox (don’t we all?), but it can’t be used like IE for FTP, so Wendy uses the FireFTP plugin daily.
  • LinkedIn – Regularly Wendy needs to find someone at a company or wants to make contact with a certain individual. She reaches to LinkedIn first to see who can make the best and most appropriate introductions.

Wendy’s most valuable WordPress Plugins:

Wendy will also be speaking at SOBCon 07 in Chicago on May 11-12. You won’t want to miss it!

What are your favorite tools for success? How about your favorite WordPress and Firefox plug ins?

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Hey Char – it was fun pulling this together with you! :) Hope your readers can be a little more productive with these tools!


Thanks for sharing your secrets with us Wendy!

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