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Essential Tools Featuring WordPress Designer Rebecca Diamond

By Char

Are you ready for the long weekend? I know I am! But, before I sign off for the weekend (ok, who am I trying to fool, I will be online at least a little bit), I want to introduce you to another super talented WordPress designer, Rebecca Diamond of StudioPress and Rebecca became such a fan of Brian Gardner’s StudioPress themes, she actually works full time for StudioPress these days.

Rebecca’s must haves for online success:

  • Gmail – after a disastrous Thunderbird crash in which I lost a year’s worth of archived email, I now route everything through Gmail
  • CoffeeCup Direct FTP – it can edit php and html directly on the server. For $40, it was a lot less expensive than one of the more well-known FTP/editing clients out there, so it’s what I learned on. It’s worked so well that I’ve never switched it for another program!
  • Photoshop – Goes (almost) without saying!
  • Favorite WordPress Plugins – Dynamic Content Gallery, Genesis Simple Hooks, and Gravity Forms
  • Tweetdeck / Twitter – again, a business given these days. Plus it’s fun to catch up on little snippets of everyone’s life! :-)
  • Skype -it lets me be in contact with clients around the world, travels with me, works on my cell phone – I love it.
  • PayPal – for fast, easy and convenient client billing
  • And for collaborating on big projects I like Action Method Online. It keeps everyone in the loop much better than a huge email chain cc’d everywhere.

Thanks for being part of this series, Rebecca, and for sharing a tool that is new to me – Action Method Online.  I love learning about new tools for productivity!

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Rebecca didn’t mention this, but she’s the voice you hear behind the StudioPress video tutorials. :) So soothing.


Andrea – thanks for that extra bit of trivia!


I should have known you’d out me, Andrea :P
Perhaps I’ll come heckle you during your talk at WordCamp Chicago next weekend ;)
Char, thanks for featuring me on your site. I do highly recommend Action Method Online – good luck with it :)


Thanks for the tips definitely going to check out Action Method Online:) seems like an awesome collab tool.

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