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Essential Tools of a Professional Blogger

By Char

Essential ToolsMy Essential Tools series returns today with the tools that are being used by a professional, full-time blogger. Meet David. David is a professional blogger, and has been living full time off his online earnings. Currently, he is working on eXtra for Every Publisher, a blog created with hopes of helping others make money thanks to the blogosphere. David has written two posts that I think are essential reads (there are more, but these two are really good):

And, now on to David’s Essential Tools in his own words

WordPress – Not only is this my blogging software of choice, but I write blog posts about the software. If it hadn’t been created, I doubt I everwould have gotten to where I am. I have been using it since 0.72 and have eagerly anticipated each subsequent release. It just keeps getting better and better. The best thing about it is that with a little PHP know-how, WordPress can be changed to run just about any type of site – from CSS Galleries to ecommerce stores.

Crimson Editor – You need a good syntax highlighting text editor for coding, and Crimson Editor is by far the best I have ever used. I use it for bending WordPress to my will. It is free, lightweight and is the only text editor I use on my Windows machine.

Irfanview – When I am on a Windows computer and I have an image I need to resize or crop, I don’t want to open some bloated tool like Photoshop, and so Irfanview to the rescue. With its plugin pack it also makes a half decent media player for music, movies and flash videos. Another free tool for Windows users.

Adium- Networking is the key to my day, and nothing does it better than Adium on my Mac. I can talk to people on just about any instant messaging client. For the first time in my life I am connecting with people that only use AIM.

StumbleUpon -You want traffic for your site? Use StumbleUpon. For one of my projects,, it has given me six times more traffic than any other source thus far. There is no better feeling than seeing that people are interested in the content you produce.

Samson Q1U USB Microphone – If you want to record audio, create podcasts, or even just be a guest on a podcast, you have to have a great microphone, and I am very happy with my $50 Samson Q1U USB microphone. It feels solid, heavy, and durable. It looks professional, and sounds great.

An Amazing Host – HostGator -I have gone through many hosts, and the one that is just amazing me right now is HostGator (me, too says Char). Lots of space, great support, and stable. I couldn’t be happier. If you want to really make it in the blogging world, having little downtime and fast loading pages is a must.

Thanks, David! I now have some new tools to go check out! How about you? What are your essential tools for online success?



You must have esp, Char – I was just trying to figure out which microphone I should buy!

This was a really interesting post. I’m just getting started with my own blog & trying to figure out which tools and workflow are right for me. So posts like this help a lot.


That’s a nice list. I would add a few things. Check out my series on MS Replacements on my Digital Nomads Blog.

digital-nomads dot blogspot


Interesting list there. I need to seriously consider these points since my goal is to be a professional crazy blogger. I got the crazy down pat though heh.


Thanks for the advice. I am going to go and check out crimson editor.


Take a look at CC cleaner and Abiword.


I also use Hostgator and they work like a dream. With crimson editor how do you use it? Copy, paste and voila – kind of thing?


I have another tool I couldn’t live without. It’s a little macro tool where I can store snippets of code and text that I use often. At the click of a button it types the code or text in for me.

Best of all, it’s free. It’s called remote keys and can be found at or a search on google for other locations if any links don’t work there.


Zane – I use it to program sites, deal with WordPress themes, and jot down notes of posts I want to do. It is so lightweight and easy to use, and so I stick with it. :)


thanks for the recommendations! there are similar sites to stumbleupon, such as digg and These sites help to advertise your articles as visitors vote and increase the popularity of your writings.


Nice list. I would ad FeedBurner to mine.


since crimson editor was free, i’m gonna use that
Besides using editor stumbleupon, digg and delicious needed to increase the popularity as Cory W mentioned


You either love or hate SU, I fall in the latter category. Unfortunately my host bans Digg, so the social bookmarking site that potentially produces the most traffic isn’t an option for me. I use, but I don’t get too many referrals from them.


Thanks for the tips! NOTE: the link for Irfanview is incorrect. Currently, it takes you to irfaMview, which is not the right one.
Again, thanks for all your work!

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