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Essential Tools – Ponn Sabra Style

By Char

Essential ToolsThe Essential Tools series is back today with one of the longest lists of recommended tools yet! The featured blogger is Ponn Sabra of Empower Women Now.

While Ponn’s list is long and includes a few new tools for me, she forgot to include one tool on her list – DETERMINATION. If you read Ponn’s bio at her site, you will quickly see that Ponn is an amazing woman with unrelenting passion, determination and energy for life.

Ponn’s Personal Picks of Technology Tools

Since she has quite a large list, Ponn gives tiny descriptions for tools others have shared before, and elaborates in tools that haven’t previously been discussed.

1. VoIP (Voice Over Internet Provider). Toledo, OH doesn’t have, but they have and Ponn loves it! She couldn’t imagine paying a phone bill ever again. 24-7 phone calls to all the states (she’s in close touch with a friend in Hawaii), all Canadian provinces, 12 European countries, and great discounts to Asia, MiddleEast, simply everywhere they have family, friends and colleagues.

2. Wireless connections for our keyboards, mouse, remote control TV attached to our Media Player PC (personal computer), and tiny remote headset.

3. Microsoft Office Small Business Edition mostly for Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook Express.

4. Thirdsphere is the ultimate electronic commerce multiple-domains, multiple-email address webhost, extensive Automation Station (autoresponder with unlimited email campaigns, sales, and affiliate marketing and tracking), Powerful testing and tracking (unlimited sales campaign tracking, IP address, etc.) and much, much more for less than $1/day! The autoresponder program alone is a steal. Ponn has been using this for over 2-years. Their customer service is top-notch and professional accomodations, such as upgrading the server she’s on so she can utilize a particular WordPress Link Directory plugin at no extra charge. I can’t push Miguel’s, the CEO, product enough.

5. Google services. Search, Gmail, Adsense, Firefox and Analytics are used daily. Ponn has multiple blogs on Blogger (but hasn’t touched them since moving to WordPress and having so much fun building that community). Google Books and Froogle are great too.

6. Skype and Yahoo Instant Messenger. These tools save so much money and time. (And, no, Ponn hasn’t made her usernames public for blogging/business use yet…)

7. Virtual Conference Room for WECAI (Women E-Commerce Association, International) eWednesday Chats. They have a software you download. Ponn was a guest for an eChat and also co-hosted the Empowered Women Entrepreneurs Day Virtual Brunch. Give it a whirl! You can give virtual tours of any website, PowerPoint presentation, text-message and verbal-chat. Tell Heidi Richards, President, Ponn said hi. It’s free and Ponn is hooked!

8. WordPress. This is a no-brainer, now. Ponn had no idea the dramatic difference it has in its ability to build an incredible online community so far, with all its plugins–she’s been on WP for 32 days, and hasn’t looked back. The future is so bright and promising, why should she?

9. for image downloads.

10. – Couple with any Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques and you’re golden. These guys have to be genuises! Everything you need. And, you can customize every single tool to embed and promote SEO tactics on your own website/blog. IWebTools definitely offers tools to create stickiness to your webiste/blog. This has to go on my “To Do” list.

11. TurboTax. Because she just printed theirs out hours before the deadline and even got it mailed before midnight. Nothing like last minute, huh? (Note from Char – Guilty of procrastination too – I filed ours electronically using Turbo Tax yesterday afternoon)

12. An External Hard Drive.

How does your list compare with Ponn’s? What’s in your toolbox?

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:-o Firefox a Google service! If I was a part of Mozilla I wouldn’t be happy!

A few interesting things there that I hadn’t heard of before, nice one.


Phil – Firefox isn’t a Google product, but they do include it in their “Google Pack” and they do promote it.

Thanks for bringing that point up.


Hey! I wasn’t complaining, I suppose they do promote it (along with their toolbar), I just thought it was kind of funny to include it with services like Gmail, Adsense and Analytics!


Phil – I’m glad you pointed it out, actually. I thought about clarifying it when I made the post but decided not to. Now I have at least had a chance to give additional information for those who might not otherwise know.


Char Many thanks for an empowering introduction! I’m truly touch.

Phil Oopsie. I do know Mozilla created FireFox. Initially, my list had 13 on tools, and I couldn’t find where I was missing one. Please don’t ask what time I wrote this post up last night/early morning. Please accept my apologies for my poor typing/organizational skills and sleepless eyes.

Nonetheless, I’m glad I introduced you to some new tools, that you’ll hopefully check out.

Dear Mozilla, Please accept my apologies for this grave mistake. I know that Google only supports and promotes your incredible internet browser for which I too love and rave about.

To our success & empowerment,

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