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Essential Tools – Prime SEO Research

By Char

Essential ToolsToday’s Essential Tools series features Aaron Weiche of Prime Advertising & Design. Aaron is a 10 year internet veteran that loves the challenges and successes a small business encounters online. However, Aaron is also a visionary in a sense. Aaron’s blog should be held up for other businesses to see – to show them how blogging can really help to add another voice to a company’s overall brand. On the Prime Advertising & Design blog, Aaron does a great job of mixing up posts about their office, with posts about their involvement with the community, announcements of new projects, and articles that his current and potential clients can learn from.

Aaron is sharing his favorite SEO Research tools.

Keyword Research Tools

Using a combination of these tools together allows you to compare results and determine the best keywords to target.

Paid Keyword Research Tool:

Wordtracker – This is a paid tool with an annual subscription. The grand-daddy of keyword research tools helps determine what keywords are being searched the most and the keywords that have the greatest opportunity. Cross-referencing theses results with one or more of the free keyword tools below only increases the accuracy of your results.

FREE Keyword Research Tools:

Site Analytics

You ABSOLUTELY have to know where you’ve been, where you’re at and where you’re going. If your current host doesn’t provide you with an analytics tool you can easily understand, you need to install Google Analytics ASAP … this second! Not employing a measuring tool is like plugging your ears whenever your customers talk to you. Did we mention how important this is? Did we mention it is FREE?

Paid Analytics tools worth considering:

Note: In some cases you may want to employ multiple tools. Each have their own strengths and you’re better off with too much info than too little.

Utility Tools

  • SEOmoz SEO Tools – SEOmoz itself is a great source of SEO information. For free you get their blog (check out the Whiteboard Friday videos) and limited access to their tool list (which they keep adding to). With a premium membership you have full access to numerous SEO articles and tools to measure a sites rankings, term target analyzer, page strength tool, crawl test and keyword difficulty tool.
  • SEO Book Tools – A wealth of tools from Aaron Wall and his SEO book. I like the Link Analysis section most.

Sitemap Tools

  • – This FREE service generates html sitemaps for you’re your site as well as XML file generation you can plug into other evaluation tools listed below.
  • Google Webmaster Central -Tools to help you evaluate Google’s crawlers, site indexing, external links, page analysis and more.
  • Yahoo Site Explorer -Tools to evaluate Yahoo’s indexed pages, inbound links, feed submission and more.

What’s in your SEO toolbox? Have you tried any of Aaron’s recommendations? Do you have others to add to the list?

PS - Essential Keystrokes will be a year old this week and I have something really cool planned for next week – don’t miss it!!




I haven’t used all of the tools Aaron’s mentioned, but I’m a big fan of Sitening’s SEO Tools.

It sounds like there might be a little overlap, but they work well for a person like me who has an interest in SEO but is not a professional; they give me a quick overview and help me avoid obvious mistakes. :)


Sarah – I like Sitening, too. Small mistake, though – you ARE a professional!!!


Thanks for the feature Char and the compliment. I agree that Sitening is a good tool as well Sarah and Char. I’ll be excited to see your birthday bash for turning one!


I’ve been using SEOmoz since last summer and recently the Page Strength tool seems to become a little bit inaccurate. It doesn’t pickup certain statistics, making you believe your website has dipped in it’s page rankings.


Aaron – thanks for being featured!

Terinea – Thanks for the heads up – something to keep in mind next time I use that tool.


Pretty extensive list. I also you sitening SEO tools. Are there any tools that help you link build or do a site analysis? I use search status which is a firefox extention, this tool is amazing, it gives you all the data on a site by simply right clicking on the the button located on the bottom right.


i would like to suggest a tool for your seo tools section its called :
exact factor ( its a search engine positioning checker that enables you to check positions
for multiple keywords and search engines simultaneously and also provides the number of backlinks and indexed pages for
keywords in a url.

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