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Essential Tools – Randa Clay Style

By Char

Essential Tools for Online SuccessWednesday is here again and we have another featured set of Essential Tools. Randa Clay is a designer that I met via the MomGadget forum and I have been captivated by her simple but sophisticated designs. She has a handful of blogs and has a solid design portfolio, too. (I’m giving you these links so you can go take a look yourself!)

Randa’s most used tools are:

  • Adobe Illustrator- Randa uses Adobe Illustrator to do most of her design work, jumping back and forth to Photoshop when necessary.
  • Statcounter - She uses the Statcounter as her stats tool for all her sites. It lets her know how many visitors, where they came from, etc. and it’s free! Randa is aware that there are other stats options out there, but she’s been really happy with Statcounter for the several years.
  • Performancing - Randa just started using this tool and while she’s not 100% pleased with all the features, she loves the fact that she can post drafts to her blogs right out of the browser without having to log all the way in. She’s often surfing around and finds something she wants to blog about, but doesn’t have the time right then to write much of a post. She just opens the Performancing pane and jots a quick note and posts it as a draft to the blog to go back to later. It’s a plugin for Firefox that is now called ScribeFire.
  • Stock.xchng – When she needs a professional photograph for a site, she looks at stock.xchng first (me, too!). There are tons of really high quality shots on every subject and they’re all free.
  • WordPress – Randa runs all her sites, except one, on WordPress now. It is a wonderful content management system, especially with the latest upgrade to 2.1 (don’t forget to upgrade to 2.1.2).

The queue is open again which means you could be next! If you are interested in being featured on a future Wednesday, leave me a comment and I’ll get in touch with you.



Thanks for sharing, Char. I’ll be checking out some of these tools Randa is using. Yes, I must agree that Randa is a great web designer to work with – she did a fabulous job in my 2 blog headers, and one more on the way!


I like all those but I’ve never used Adobe Illustrator. I’m begging for it though and will know who to go to when I do get it.

I’ve heard many designers say it’s the best.

I can’t wait to get my hands on my own copy :)

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