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Essential Tools – Startup Princess Style

By Char

This week’s Essential Tools series features essential toolsKelly King Anderson, the sparkle behind the international network for women entrepreneurs called Start Up Princess.

Kelly’s Tools for Success

  • Google Alerts: This free service helps Kelly stay in touch with her industry. It is also useful for monitoring her brand when her company or name appears on someone’s blog or website.
  • SEO Book Free Keyword Tool Search
  • Dymo Printer: Kelly uses this amazing fast and easy software/printer for labels, nametags for meetings, CD labels, and for pricing products when she sells them on a kiosk or boutique.
  • Free Conference Call: Kelly uses them for Start Up Princess conference calls and she likes the recording option and downloadable file for podcasts.
  • Flickr and Photo Bucket: Great resource for royalty-free photos!
  • Pingomatic: Free search engine update service for blogs.
  • Free Press Release sites: Ponn Sabra wrote a list of 6 free press release sites as a guest at Start Up Princess.

There are some items on the list that I have never used like the Free Conference Call tool and I need to check out the press release sites, too. Do you have any experience with any of these tools? Do you have any to add to the list?

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That keyword search tool is a great one- thanks for the tip!


Pingomatic and flickr, for sure… I can’t wait to check out Photo Bucket, though.

I’ve used Free Conference Call, too (I’ve used a bunch, in fact), but I started having some problems. I now use FreeConferencing/Live Office, and they’ve been great.

And this is the second or third time I’ve heard about Google Alerts, so I suppose it’s time to go give them a whirl (I already use gmail, Google Reader, Analytics, Sitemap, etc…).

Thanks Kelly!


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Char, thank you so much for featuring Start Up Princess…glad to share and participate!

Randa, enjoy the keyword tool search! note that you generally want to find key words that have below 21,000 keyword searches because then you can “own it” better, more than 21,000 and you are competing too much and if you’re small you won’t show up on the top of the list. For example, I am not going to compete for entrepreneur 44,000+ monthly searches, but I am going to compete for business start up 7,000+.

Adam, I will check out your suggestion for free conferencing/live office!

Make a Wish, Make it Happen!


Randa – I liked it too.

Adam – you’ll be hooked on Google Alerts and thanks for the Live Office recommendation.

Kelly – you are most welcome! I love hearing about what others use and have found so many more essentials in the process.



I might check out some of those links!


I never got the hang of press releases for blogs – aren’t those supposed to be for companies/firms etc?


The answer regarding Press Releases if what you are trying to accomplish/goals. Our blog is evolving into a website with a blog, and we are an organization supporting women entrepreneurs, so we are doing press releases weekly now.

Thanks for the question!


I see, that makes sense. Maybe I should get a little creative and write a PR for my blog, which primarily collects lists.

Thank you for responding :)


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