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Essential Tools – Stixster Style

By Char

Essential ToolsEssential Tools features German blogger Ingo who goes by Stixster and posts at Amanita Muscaria. While his blog is relatively new, Ingo is a natural blogger with a sense of humor – he is a lawyer by day and a drummer in a band. He posts in German most of the time, but posts in English about once a week.

Ingo originally posted his essential tools at his blog in German, but between the two of us, we are giving this to you in English.

Ingo uses the latest version of Mozilla´s Firefox with three add-ons: Adblock to avoid spam, Tab Effect for a three dimensional cube effect when changing between the tabs and Fasterfox for boosting downloads. He has been using Firefox for more than a year now and likes the tab function and the easy support of rss-feeds best.

He also likes Mozilla´s email solution Thunderbird. It allows you to check incoming messages without the need of a complete download. He uses Thunderbird at home, but runs his blog from his office where he has to use Outlook. He uses software for attorneys that includes a calendar function. This calendar only exports to Outlook which he has on his XDA Neo Smartphone from his mobile carrier o2. The synchronization between the calendar function in the law firm software and Outlook on his Smartphone makes time organization most efficient.

Ingo runs his blog at They make blogging easy so beginners can make their first steps into the blogosphere without any knowledge of HTML or programming. He also uses MyBlogLog for its widgets and statistics – and social networking.
What’s in your toolbox? We’d love to know. 



Vielen Dank, Char! Feels good to join all the great bloggers of this feature.


You are welcome! I think blogging is just such a natural outlet for you.


Char, I can’t find your email. Will you shoot me an email? I have something I want to give you :)

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