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Essential Tools – Webomatica Style

By Char

Essential ToolsIt’s Wednesday and it is time for another Essential Tools feature. One of my favorite daily reads is the blog of Jason Kaneshiro at Webomatica. Jason is an instructional designer in the Bay Area, California. His blog Webomatica covers technology, movies, music, and bottle caps.

Jason works on a Mac and his short list of applications he uses almost daily is made up entirely of freeware/shareware with the exception of Adobe Photoshop. This is great news for me – I have an underutilized Mac and these will give me some inspiration.

  • NetNewsWire Lite: A free desktop feed reader, which is great for finding new blog posts to read (and link to).
  • TextEdit: Jason uses this Macintosh application to draft posts. He waits until he is in WordPress to add links.
  • Grab: This is a screen capture utility that comes with OS X. It’s great for grabbing images of websites he reviews.
  • Firefox and Safari. Jason alternates between the two to make sure everything is showing up properly. Sometimes Safari is useful because it doesn’t support the WordPress WYSIWYG editor, so he can hand code the post HTML.
  • WordPress: Webomatica runs on WordPress, which itself runs on pHp and MySQL. It just updated to 2.1. He’s found it to be really reliable, very extensible using various plugins, with themes that are infinitely modifiable using just a text editor and a basic image editing program. It also uses CSS, so if he wants to change a font here and there it’s totally doable. You basically do your writing right in a browser.
  • TextWrangler: A free basic text editor. Although a lighter version of BBEdit, it still supports find and replace. Jason uses it for tweaking the pHp files that WordPress uses to determine the look and feel of his blog.
  • Adobe Photoshop: Jason uses Photshop for image editing. He has created several custom actions for cropping, resizing, and adding borders, and saving to particular folders on my desktop, where I can upload them.
  • CyberDuck: A free FTP client.

All you Mac users – let me know what other tools you have to be essential! My Mac is looking to get equal time to its PC office mate.

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I’ve never tried a MAC i don’t agree with their advertising techniques and all the time slagging off Microsoft, the only 2 OS’s I use are XP and Kubuntu :) .
But you should check out Opera Browser it is the most secure out their you have a mail client, simple notepad, Feed reader and brilliant widgets.
Best thing of all it supports the WordPress WYSIWYG editor :D .

And you have to love Photoshop, the best image editor out their and well worth the money compared to other ones it is at the top of the list.


I have both a PC and an iMac. I honestly like them both. The Mac ads don’t bother me – I find them mildly funny and like that they have made them a series. I’m working from my PC tonight.


I’m a die-hard Mac lover… although there were a few years there we had a Dell (for financial reasons), but I bought an iMac G5 a couple years ago, and I’m in heaven.

As far as Mac tools go, Jason’s got a good list there. Some of my favs include:

Camino : an OSX version of Firefox, it’s tighter, cleaner, and faster (so they say).

Curio: My go-to program for all kinds of tasks; planning, some graphic work, project management, etc. I love it, and recommend it all over the place.

Fireworks: my graphics solution. From Macromedia, the Dreamweaver people.

Mellel: word processing. I use TextEdit for most things, but Mellel is what I use to write books, handouts for classes, etc.

Quicksilver: a launcher, and then some. I know some people like LaunchBar (I used to) and others like Butler (never tried it). Quicksilver is lean, gorgeous, and if Merlin Mann swears by it, it’s gotta be pretty good.

So, there’s a few!

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