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Firefox – What Took Me So Long?

By Char

When it comes to everyday tools, we all have our favorites and I’m guessing that the average web user just uses what came installed on their system. After all, if it isn’t broken, why fix it?  Well, I am not your average web user. I am on my computer all day; designing web sites, blogging, doing research, shopping, and generally surfing. So, I am still wondering what took me so long to install Firefox on my system!

I upgraded my IE to the new IE7 after reading a blurb that it had officially been released. I tried it out and thought it was pretty slick – I like the tabs. But, it keeps CRASHING!!!

I have known about Firefox for a long time and have a lot of associates who swear by it.  Why didn’t I take their advice and try it sooner?  I took the plunge today and it was an extremely easy install.  I opted not to bring all my IE bookmarks over, because quite frankly, I need to reorganize and purge half of them anyway. I was impressed at how efficient Firefox is for creating new bookmarks.  Other things I really like about Firefox:

  • It hasn’t crashed yet.
  • I like the tabs.
  • You can give your browser a new look with easy to download Firefox themes.
  • You can totally customize your security settings, autofills, and such much easier than IE.
  • I like the RSS feed detector (IE has this too, but Firefox makes it work easier)
  • Firefox works great with CoComment for tracking your comments that you leave on others’ blogs.

I am sure I’ll discover more things I like about Firefox, but for now, its stability seems to be my favorite.



I use IE6, FF 1.5.x, Opera 9.x myself, I enjoy using all 3 :)


I guess I need to try Opera next. I use Safari on my Mac, but I need to see what my other choices are there, too.


I’ve been using IE 6 and Firefox. As soon as IE7 came out of beta I installed it. Looked nice, easy to use, but as you say, crashes frequently and often won’t even display a page. At least IE6 showed the page.


I’m guessing that they rushed to release IE7 – it is a big disappointment.


Glad that you have made the move over to Firefox. I use both FF2.0 9as my primary browser) and IE7 on my machines and hadn’t had any troubles (even with IE7 beta). Used to have some trouble with FF1.5 crashing but that was more due to the amount of memory that FF1.5 was consuming. I like the fact that in FF2.0 I can modify the space it gets. Enjoy FF Char :o )

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