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Fun Friday – Five Forums I Love

By Char

Discussion forums are cyberspace’s version of the watercooler, a giant brainstorming session, and a backyard chat session with the neighbors all rolled into one.  Here are five of my favorites, listed because I have learned a lot at each of them and because the people are cool. (Listed alphabetically – I don’t want anyone to think I’m playing favorites)

  • Adsense Chat – Run by the Adsense master himself, Joel Comm, there is some great information there and very knowledgeable people giving advice.
  • Digital Point Forums – Webmasters, you might want to check this one out!  It is tech-oriented but very busy.
  • MomGadget – Gayla is a 5-digit blogger and is willing to share what she knows at her forum. It has a unique atmosphere and there are some very experienced bloggers posting there.
  • ProBlogWriters – Robyn and company have set up their forum specifically for those who are using blogging as a source of income. There is some great info there too.
  • WAHM – Do you need information on working from home?  Do you work from home and need to find someone in your area of expertise to bounce ideas off of? This is the place! It is a very active and useful forum with something for everyone who works from home.

James Wooley has written a great article on Using Forums to Promote your Website. Be sure to check it out.

If you are working from home, blogging, or trying to stay up with the latest in online marketing, discussion forums are a great place to go. Find one that fits your needs and has a community that fits your personality.

Do you have a favorite online “haunt” – please share it with us!

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