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Getting Organized on a Tuesday Night

By Char

There is a crowd of us at Successful Blog tonight – it’s Open Comment night and we are talking organization. I have a system that seems to be working pretty well for me, so I am going to share it.


My TO DO listI keep a 3-ring binder on my desk in plain view. Each Sunday night I print out a blank organizer sheet I made in Excel, customized for the projects on my desk at the time. I refer to what wasn’t finished the week before and fill it in as email comes in throughout the week. Once the sheet is in the binder, it stays there. I use it frequently to leave myself notes.


I also work with two systems side-by-side. My main desktop is for the majority of my design, development and related work. I get all my email from my laptop. I find I stay more focused on the task at hand when I don’t have my email popping up at me. Then, while something is uploading or I’m at a breaking point, I check email, feeds, and such on my laptop. What works for you? Share some of you organization tips with us at Successful Blog tonight or leave some here in the comments for us!

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Char, thanks for participating in Open Comment Night. Your notebook idea is fantastic. I like it because you can keep a record of what you did and it’s right in your face. Kudos.


Nneka – Thanks for the kind words. Different tools work for different people and this is what has worked better than anything for me. Open Comment Night is always a great way to discover new blogs and tools. See you next week.


Thanks for uploading these tools, Char. I’ve been working on cleaning up my password spreadsheet. The second sheet of the organizer will help me with doing it.

One thing I forgot to mention last night was Portable Apps. I work on a total of six different computers. Without portable applications I would have to install what I need to work on every one of them, and worry about keeping my documents synced. As it is, I can just take my memory stick and go.


Rick – Glad you found the spreadsheet useful. I am going to look into Portable Apps. I work on 2-3 computers a day and that could be really useful to me. Thank you for stopping in and sharing that tip.

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