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Getting Sticky with Tabbed Content

By Char

One of the primary goals of most web sites, blogs included, is to create a place where readers will come back to often and find information they want to read and information that they need. Blogs tend to have a natural stickiness level from the standpoint that they get updated more frequently than the average web site, but what’s a blogger to do as their inventory of posts grows? How do you make it easy for readers, new and repeat, to find gems in your post library?

A few methods include creating categories, creating an archive page, highlighting popular posts in the sidebar, and recommending related entries at the bottom of a post.  However, I have seen a cool new trend recently that I loved so much, that I had it put on my site – tabbed content. If you look at the bottom of this post you’ll see it.

tabbed contentSince I absolutely wanted this feature now and didn’t have the time to even mess with it myself, I hired Charity of Design Adaptations to implement it for me. Charity recently wrote a great tutorial on how to add tabbed content to your site – a must read for those who want to use this method for creating stickiness on their site.

Part of the content for the tabs is controlled using Alex King’s popularity contest plugin, but the My Favorites and Tutorials were hand selected and I will change them out manually over time.

So, what do you think? I’d love to see other examples of people incorporating this technique – let me know if you have seen it and where.

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Hey Char – I’m so happy you like the results, and thanks for the mention! I just figured out a way to expand on the idea of my own tabbed content section, and you may be interested as well.

After you tipped me off to Alex’s plugin Popularity Contest, I used that to power my Most Popular entries, and switched the plugin I was using (Top Posts by Category, which can be configured to display popular entries by comments) to power my Most Commented tab instead.

Now between the those two plugins, 3/4 of my tabs are automated! :)


ohh I love this idea. I will have a different blog theme up for November (right now I am using a special Pink for October) and I am trying to find fun features to implement. I have been concerned about my good content getting lost in the shuffle.


Charity – I believe in giving credit where credit is due. You did a great job on this and I appreciate it.

Elysa – Thanks for stopping in! My other site Casual Keystrokes went pink this month too.


very cool Char! And thanks for the tutorial link.


Very cool idea, Char… and very effective!


I love this feature! It’s on my list of projects I’d like to do now too.

I think eventually I’m going to have to hire someone to totally rework MomGadget, clean up the code and widgetize me. I’m addicted to widgets now, thanks to Randa :)


Gayla – widgets are definitely cool – I even noticed that Blogger has started using them when I went to check in on an old site of mine. The tabbed content feature is already proving its value in increased page views.


Excellent additional to your already fantastic blog template. Gives me an idea for my new evolving template.



Jamie – thanks for the kind words – isn’t a designer’s website always evolving? I know mine are never done. There is always another tweak I want to make.

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