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Getting the Scoop on SOBcon with Chris Cree

By Char

As the date for the blogging conference, SOBcon, nears I will be spending a few minutes talking with some of the people who are making it happen, starting with Chris Cree of SuccessCreeations.

What was the inspiration for SOBcon?

Chris CreeLiz Strauss and I had talked some last year about possibly doing a business blogging conference in Savannah. But as we looked at it more closely, my wife and I felt that the project would be bigger than we wanted to take on ourselves right then.

At the same time a couple other people approached Liz suggesting that it would be a great idea to gather some of the crowd that meets at Successful-Blog every Tuesday on Open Comment Night.

Chicago seemed like a great central place to bring people together. And with the idea coming from several different directions at the same time, it made sense to move forward.

We decided to build the conference around the S.O.B. Award that Liz passes out each week. The idea was to come up with a different kind of conference experience. Instead of making our conference about the speakers we chose to make the conference about the attendees.

Using Open Comment Night as an inspiration, we’ve put together a large group of folks who will be leading sessions with the idea that they will be as interactive with the attendees as possible.

Blogging ultimately is about people and interacting with one another. The most successful blogs out there build a sense of community. So we’ve pulled together a truly dynamic group of folks and will have several shorter sessions rather than just a few speakers talking at you for a long time like you might find in

The overarching theme for the whole thing will be helping folks take their blogging to the next level. The way we’ve set it up there will be plenty to take away for everyone, from the novice blogger just getting started to the person who’s been blogging since Technorati was only tracking a few million blogs.

What will you (meaning Chris Cree) be speaking on? What do you want attendees to gain from this?

Chris CreeI’ll be moderating a panel about blogging tools with representatives from MyBlogLog, Evoca, and TheGoodBlogs. These three services are great ways that bloggers can add tremendous value to their own blogs and build community at the same time. We will be taking questions from the audience for each of these folks so it will be a chance for folks to find out what they want to learn about these tools.

I was offered the opportunity to have my own time on the platform. But I figure the conference isn’t about me. And with my background in operations, planning things out, making things happen, and solving problems quickly on the fly I felt I would add more value to the conference by helping out more behind the scenes the day of the conference.

By bringing together some blog tools that folks may or may not have heard of I figure I’m multiplying the value I bring to the conference more than I would by just speaking on my own.

Will the conference only benefit bloggers?

Chris CreeThat’s a really good question that I hadn’t considered before. Obviously our intention initially was to bring together bloggers and help them take their blogs to the next level.

But when you think about it successful bloggers are also successful networkers. For someone looking at the possibility of getting started blogging, what better way to get a really solid network out of the gate than to get to know some folks who are already knocking it out of the park?

I mean think about an opportunity hang out and rub elbows with folks like Steve Farber, Mike Wagner, David Armano, Wendy Piersall, Phil Gerbyshak, Liz Strauss, Dr. Rob Wolcott, and Andy Sernovitz. That is just a tiny sampling of the folks who will be in the room at this conference. And not all of them are even speaking!

Is an opportunity to spend some time with these all these folks and more valuable to non-bloggers? There is no doubt in my mind the answer is a resounding yes!

Which speaker are you most looking forward to hearing?

Chris CreeI’m especially looking forward to the panel session from the Iowa contingent, Drew McLellan, Mike Sansone, and Mike Wagner.

I’m an operations guy by training and experience. These three will be talking about marketing. And that’s an area that I am always wanting to learn more about.

Which session do you think will be most valuable?

Chris CreeI guess that depends on where someone is when they get to the conference. If you are hungry to gain more insight on Networking, Marketing, Videoblogging or Podcasting, Design, or Word of Mouth Marketing, there will be a session for you. There will be sessions by Blog Coaches and there will be some blog critiques done right there live.

Ultimately, though I suspect the most valuable session for many folks will be the Live Open Comment Night that we have planned on Friday night right after the concert by Christine Kane.

I think that session will be the most valuable because it will be the most interactive of all the sessions and it will give people an opportunity to begin to get to know one another. It will be a great starting point for people to start adding to their networks.

Have you registered yet? What are you waiting for? It is going to be a great event – an event like no other!

SOBcon Event Registration



Thanks, Char. You asked some challenging questions that made me think!

One thing I didn’t mention is that I’m happy to field questions if anyone wants to leave a comment.


Chris – thanks for the opportunity to share more insight into the conference with my readers. I can’t even imagine the amount of information that is going to be shared!


Char, Chris. Thanks for sharing this interview. Reading your remarks, Chris, has got me even more excited to come. So we’ll see you there.


Hey Dawud! Looking forward to getting to meet you in person too. If you haven’t done it yet you might want to get your hotel reservations soon. I just heard that the hotel says our block is filling up quickly!


So excited to attend SOBCon, Char and Chris. And Dawud! Thanks for this post, guys.


Char and Chris,

Great interview! Though I will not be able to attend, I am looking forward to the “ripple effect”.


Dawud & Easton – I sure hope you two plan on taking good notes and doing some good follow up posts – I am envious.

Tariq – I, too, am hoping for some good ripple effect posts.


This is a nice interview Char, Chris looking forward to getting to meet you in person too.. Thanks

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